String figure artefacts in public collections

- an inventory of figures mounted on card, on film and in photographs

Compiled by Martin Probert

Pre-release version: available to checking institution only

String figure artefacts in public collections
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(früher "Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film")

Acknowledgement: It is a pleasure to thank Paul Feindt for his generous assistance in drawing my attention to many additional films in the IWF archive, and for providing detailed descriptions of the films.

Film: Micronesians (Gilbert Islands, Tabiteuea) - String Figures

Film: Micronesians (Gilbert Islands, Onotoa) - String Figures

Film: Polynesians (Ellice Islands, Niutao) - String Figures

Film: Central Europe, Basel-Land - String Figures

Film: Krahó (Brazil, Tocantins Region) - String Figures

Film: Polar Eskimo (North Greenland, Thule District) - String Figures

Film: Eipo (West New Guinea, Central Highlands) - Playing Cats Cradle

Film: Trobriands (East New Guinea, Trobriand Islands, Kaile'una) - String Figures

Film: Indian Cultures in the Frontier Region between Bolivia and Brazil

Film: Arts and Crafts in Northeastern Angola

Film: The Issansu, Peasants and Cattle Breeders in the Undrained Region of German East Africa - Anthropological Types, Technical Achievements, Games, Music

Film: Ata Kiwan ("People of the Mountains") in the Solor-Alor Archipelago (East Indonesia) 3. Mime and Dance

Film: Life among the Taulipang of Guiana - Film Documents from the Year 1911

Film: Ngoora - The Camping Place

Film: Netsilik Eskimos - At the Winter Sea-Ice Camp

Film: Netsilik Eskimos - Fishing at the Stone Weir

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String figure artefacts in public collections
String figures - main menu
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