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Shropshire Botanical Society Newsletter - Spring 2000 - page 7

Mark Lawley, 12a Castleview Terrace, Ludlow, SY8 2NG, 01584 876564


May 14th 2000:

Holywell Dingle, a Herefordshire NT Reserve 4 miles south of Kington. Park on the lay-by on the A4111 at SO 308509. The woodland and stream overlie Old Red Sandstone and should offer many species.


June 4th 2000:

Catherton Common, Cleeton St Mary, Shropshire. Meet at the side of the lane mile west of Cleeton St Mary (SO 607787) to explore the sheepwalks and flushes. In the afternoon we may move over to Cramer Gutter.


August 9th-16th 2000:

Botanical meeting at Ardtornish, Morvern, by kind invitation of Faith Raven, and led by Brian Brookes. Ardtornish is an estate on Morvern, a peninsula on the west coast of Scotland opposite Mull, south-west of Fort William. Its mires, woods, cliffs and coast carry an exceptionally varied flora. For bryologists, the hepatic mats and tiny liverworts in the moist ravines are particularly choice. If the remote splendour of a Scottish mansion and countryside sounds like your choice of holiday, contact Brian Brookes at Borelick, Trochry, Dunkeld, Perthshire, PH10 0BX, tel: 01350 723222. Inclusive cost will be in the region of 375.

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