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Shropshire Botanical Society Newsletter - Spring 2000 - page 2

Sarah Whild


Greetings for the new millennium - I hope that you have already been out recording and making the most of the splendid spring weather we have been having.

The most exciting news this month is that we now have a Shropshire Botanical Society Web Site, which you can visit now. It's only in the early stages of development at the moment, but when it is completed we hope to have on it:-

all the newsletters

membership details

a county checklist of all plant species recorded

Rare Plants of Shropshire, with down-loadable maps and accounts of the rarer species

details of field meetings and events.

This will make quite an interesting site, I think. It is always difficult for visiting botanists to know what occurs in a county (and what doesn't) and it is one of the biggest sources of errors in plant recording when people expect to see - for instance - Meadow Oat-grass, Helictotrichon pratense, and it isn't there! You cannot really expect every visitor to join the Botanical Society and order all the back-copies of the newsletter, so if we put them on the Web Site they will not have to.

You can see how it is progressing by going to Not a very snappy address, yet, but give us time! It has been designed for us very kindly by Margaret Cole, so cheers Margaret for all of your hard work.


The Annual General Meeting of the Shropshire Botanical Society

We are now a democratic society, and have a constitution and annual elections. Some posts - like Chair, Treasurer and Secretary - are elected, while others are not. The Vice-county Recorders for botany and bryology are appointed by the BSBI and the BBS respectively, and have a place on our committee, and the database manager, which is very much a self-selecting post. However, the elected members of the committee are up for re-election at the AGM.

The AGM will be on Saturday April 29th at 2.30 pm at Preston Montford. Chris Walker has decided to stand down as Chair. We are enormously grateful to him for all the work he has put in to get the society established. I have agreed to stand in his place but, like the other posts, other nominations would be welcome. Paddy Martin has been nominated as Secretary, and Roger Green is willing to stand again as Treasurer . Any other nominations should follow the procedures laid down in the constitution (enclosed with this newsletter).

At the AGM both Chris and I will be talking about future recording projects, about which there are some clues in this newsletter. Alex will bring the database and can discuss possible projects with anyone who is interested in taking part in our future recording activities. I look forward to seeing many of you there, and would appreciate it if you could drop me a line to say if you will be attending, so that we can arrange the usual Preston Montford hospitality. Please arrive from 2.00pm onwards for tea, coffee and interesting publications, with business commencing at 2.30pm.

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