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Shropshire Botanical Society Newsletter 4 - Autumn 2000 - page 3

Sarah Whild


The BSBI Atlas 2000 is grinding onwards, with what are called verification and discrepancy lists produced for each county. County recorders have now sorted through these lists and have had pages of queries for their counties. One which arose for Shropshire was the apparent absence of Giant Hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum - our Atlas records showed only three ten kilometre square dots for this species, whereas in surrounding counties there were many more records. I know it grows in abundance on the side of the M54 and there is also a small patch on a roadside verge near Bitterley. I'm sure this is not a species that we would miss - but why do we have so much less than other counties?

Otherwise, we now sit back and wait for the publication of the Atlas - scheduled for Christmas 2001. It's thought to cost about 80 and will include a CD with all maps on it (many alien species will not be mapped in the book).


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