Field Meetings in 2001

Shropshire Botanical Society Newsletter 5 - Spring 2001 - page 16

Sarah Whild


Owing to the Foot & Mouth restrictions, the following meetings are all that we are holding this year. Please call me on 01743 343789 before turning up to confirm that access is still possible.

Saturday July 14th

Montgomery Canal. Meet at Queen's Head, SJ338267, at 10:30 am, to record the off-line reserve at Aston Locks and maybe explore the canal down to Maesbury Marsh and assess the impact of the recent restoration works. Although most of this will be along the towpath, you may want to wear boots for getting around the reserve. Members might like to join us for lunch at the Queen's Head Inn, but we would need to know numbers before Thursday 12th, so phone me before then.

Sunday September 23rd

Brown Moss. Meet at the main car park, SJ563394, at 11 am to see if Luronium natans, Baldellia ranunculoides and the other rarities are responding to the management work recently undertaken on the Moss.


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