Golden Ragwort Award

Shropshire Botanical Society Newsletter 5 - Spring 2001 - page 16


There is no doubt that this year's award must go to the Severn-Vyrnwy Project for losing the plot. What was originally envisaged as an ambitious scheme to restore the seasonal wetlands of the floodplain around the confluence of the Severn and the Vyrnwy, appears to have turned into a general countryside project, encouraging farm diversification and writing management plans for all and sundry.

Following the autumn that brought Britain its worst flooding in history, one might have assumed that a project set up specifically to rectify some of the mistakes of land drainage in the past might have received a boost from the politicians. But no, almost all mention of restoring wetlands seems to have disappeared from their objectives.


Conservation News

Shropshire Botanical Society Newsletter 5 - Spring 2001 - page 16


Congratulations have to go to Bob Daniels and his team for producing arguably one of the finest hay meadow swards in Shropshire. Cole Mere is a real treat to visit in mid-summer with a fantastic display of Meadow Thistle at its only Shropshire site, and each time I take students there we seem to record new species. Well done, Bob, keep up the good work!


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