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Shropshire Flora Group Newsletter 7 - Autumn 1998 - page 2

Sarah Whild


With this newsletter all members should receive an invitation to the winter meeting where it is proposed that we formally constitute the group. Since the decision at our last winter meeting, the committee has met several times to draw up a proposed constitution and structure. We want to keep the informal and friendly atmosphere but, to mark the independence of the new group, we suggest a name change to the Shropshire Botanical Society. This will also reflect the fact that we are concerned with more than just the vascular plants, and that our primary aim is no longer just the preparation of a county Flora.

To become an independent group, we do need to have a formal membership list, so I am afraid the committee has decided that the subscription will henceforth be obligatory. The level has been set at 6 per annum or 15 for three years, but we shall continue to offer the current rates until the November meeting.

I hope that all members will attend the meeting or let me know their feelings about the new proposals. On behalf of the Flora Group I would like to thank the committee - Chris Walker, Roger Green, Sylvia Kingsbury, Alex Lockton and Ruth Dawes for the time they have put into drawing up the proposals, with the assistance of Colin Wright from the Wildlife Trust.

In February Ian Trueman stood down as the Vice-county Recorder for VC40 (Shropshire) and I was invited by the BSBI to take his place. I'm sure everyone in the new society would like to join me in thanking Ian for the work he has put in over the years, together with Pat Parker, who held the records for much of that time.


We have the pleasure of issuing an invitation to all members, and their families, to attend our inaugural meeting, which will be held at Preston Montford Field Centre on November 14th at 3 pm. Our speaker this year is Professor Clive Stace of Leicester University, author of the definitive New Flora of the British Isles, whose talk will be entitled

"Promiscuous plants... hybridization in the British Flora"

The inaugural meeting will precede this talk. Everyone listed as a member at the back of this newsletter will be entitled to speak and vote at the meeting, regardless of whether or not they have paid a subscription. The meeting will be followed by light refreshments. Tickets will be on sale for non-members who may wish to attend.


This edition of the newsletter contains a tremendous number of records that have never been published before. We are obliged to publish them in some form so that the species can be counted as present in Shropshire for Clive Stace's forthcoming Vice-comital Census Catalogue, which will list all the species in each vice-county. My apologies for anyone who finds it a bit dull, but it has to be done - honest!


My gratitude to those who have sent us records, or refereed specimens, so far this year:

Mrs J. Armstrong, Ms C. Bennett, Mr J. Bingham, Ms G.E. Castle, Mr J. Clayfield, Mrs M. Coleman, Mr R.A. Corfield, Mrs A.P. Daly, Mr A.P. Dawes, Mrs R.A. Dawes, Mr C. Dean, Mrs M. Drury, Miss A. Dyer, Mr P. Evans, Miss M.B. Fuller, Mr P. Glanville, Mr R. Green, Mrs P. Green, Mr R. Iremonger, Mr J. James, Mrs M. Johnson, Mrs V. Jones, Miss J. Kendrew, Mr R. Knowles, Mr R.V. Lansdown, Mr M. Lawley, Mr A.J. Lockton, Mr R. Mileto, Mrs M. Morris, Mr A. Muse, Mrs P. Parker, Mrs J. Pedlow, Mr D. Pedlow, Dr T.F. Preece, Dr C.D. Preston, Mrs J. Pursaill, Mrs S. Reynolds, Mrs M.E. Roberts, Mr R.F. Shoubridge, Mr R.M. Stokes, Mr R.J. Swindells, Ms C.E. Tandy, Mr J.A. Thompson, Dr A.K. Thorne, Mr J.J. Tucker, Mr C. Walker, Mr J. Waterson, Mrs D.M.Young. Referees: Dr J. Bailey, Mr A.O. Chater, Mr C.S. Crook, Dr T. Dines, Mr A.C. Jermy, Mr R.D. Meikle, Miss A.M. Paul, Dr C.D. Preston, Prof C.A. Stace.

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