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Shropshire Flora Group Newsletter 7 - Autumn 1998 - pages 3-5

Sarah Whild & Alex Lockton


First and Second County Records (VC 40)

Opposite Stonewort, Chara contraria A. Braun ex Kutz., was collected in a pool at Dolgoch Quarry (SJ277247) by Alex Lockton & Sarah Whild on 7th April 1998 and identified by N.F. Stewart. This appears to be the first county record for a Nationally Scarce species.

Tassel Hyacinth, Muscari comosum (L.) Miller, was seen and photographed by Sarah Whild and students on a course at Preston Montford on the 28th May 1998. It was growing on a roadside verge near the Field Centre, apparently quite well naturalised, although how it arrived there is unknown.

Caroline Tandy, of British Waterways, found a single plant of Yellow Bartsia, Parentucellia viscosa (L.) Caruel, on the bank of the Montgomery Canal at Rednal (SJ3528) in July (conf. S.J. Whild). This is only the second record in Shropshire for this plant, which was formerly recorded at Prees Heath (SJ53) by Will Prestwood and Chris Walker. It is native in damp freshwater habitats, mostly near the south coast, and is likely to be only a casual here.

Kate Thorne has added another rose to the county list with the discovery of a plant of Rosa x toddiae Wolley-Dod in a roadside hedge at Pulverbatch (SJ437028, 16 August 1998, det. A.L. Primavesi). This is the hybrid between Rosa canina and R. micrantha; which is rather curious, because R. micrantha is not known to grow in the vicinity.

There is a hybrid between Almond Willow, Salix triandra L., and Osier, S. viminalis L., which is known by the rather lengthy name Salix % mollissima Hoffm. ex Elwert nothovar. undulata (Ehrh.) Wimm. There may be one old record for it in the county, as William Leighton recorded S. undulata Ehrh., "Sharp-leaved triandrous Willow" at Meole Brace bridge (SJ41, 1841, det. William Borrer). He described it as a "large tree," which seems a curious description for what is normally a smallish shrub, 4-5m high, according to R.D. Meikle in the BSBI handbook on willows.

There are two records for it this year, both of which were along the Severn, first at Montford Bridge (SJ41, S.J. Whild & A.J. Lockton 19th June 1998 det. R.D. Meikle, herb. SFG) and the second at the English Bridge in Shrewsbury (SJ495123, C.D. Preston & A.J. Lockton 5th July 1998 det. R.D. Meikle, herb. SFG). Chris Preston suggests that it is not all that uncommon and would be worth looking out for in other places.

Butterfly Stonecrop, Sedum spectabile Boreau, was recorded by Ruth Dawes by the abandoned railway line in Oswestry (SJ295290) on the 10th May 1998. This garden escape has not previously been recorded in the county, although it is described by Stace (1997) as a fairly common and persistent throw-out in southern and central England.

Perhaps the strangest occurrence of the year was the appearance of Cut-leaved Germander, Teucrium botrys L., in an unmanaged stony border of Mary Fuller's garden in Aston Munslow (SO5186, conf. S.J. Whild, 2 August 1998, herb. SFG). This distinctive plant is a Nationally Rare (RDB 2) species, being known in just four locations in Britain, all in the south of England. It occurs in chalk grassland and, as the seeds are heavy and not easily dispersed, it does not normally occur as a casual. It must have come from another garden nearby - but is it ever a component in seeds mixes, or can this species be bought in garden centres?


Rare Plants

Jackie Pedlow found a couple of plants of Frog Orchid, Coeloglossum viride (L.) Hartman, at Llynclys Hill (SJ2724) this year. This species has been known in the vicinity for many years - having been first recorded here by Ellen Lloyd in 1929 and subsequently by several botanists, including J.H. Owen (1945), Mary Hignett (ca. 1970) and Doris Pugh (1978) - but it was thought to have died out at this site. Jackie's find shows that it is still around and, interestingly enough, it was apparently scrub clearance that allowed the plants to flourish.

The Nationally Scarce plant Musk Stork's-bill, Erodium moschatum (L.) L'Her, is not considered to be native in Shropshire (see Sinker's Flora or Scarce Plants in Britain) and, for that reason, has not been included in our Rare Plants project. However, the situation may not be that simple. It occurs naturally in coastal areas, where it is found in sandy, eroded soils. This year it was recorded by Sarah Whild on the 19th June in just such a habitat alongside the River Severn near Montford Bridge (SJ41), not far from the place where Edward Williams and Arthur Aikin recorded it in August 1796. If it has persisted here for 202 years, it could at least be described as well established. There are very few other records for it in the county - the only other one this century was of three plants as casuals in a sand quarry at Condover (SJ40) which were found in 1980 by Bryan Fowler.


Other interesting records

During a survey of a woodland in Telford in June Gill Castle collected some samples of a grass which turned out to be Purple Small-reed, Calamagrostis canescens (Wigg.) Roth (det. Sarah Whild). Gill described it as abundant in an area of Alder carr at SJ6905 - the first record of this species in the Telford area.

One of the Flora Group's most long-standing members, Mollie Coleman, reported that Bee Orchids, Ophrys apifera Hudson, had turned up in a small field adjacent to an industrial estate in Telford (SJ70) this year. It seems that 1998 was a good year for orchids, which have flourished at a number of locations, possibly as a result of the damp weather in the spring. Mrs Coleman's find is a new hectad for the species, which makes it a valuable addition for the forthcoming atlas.

Rob Stokes found Sainfoin, Onobrychis viciifolia Scop., at Granville Country Park in Telford, SJ7112, in May (Herb. SFG). It is a leguminous species that was formerly cultivated in the county, but which is not native in our region, being restricted to the south-east of Britain. Nevertheless it is still found occasionally, the last record having been in 1977 at Much Wenlock (SO69, M.E. Chadd). It is best considered a casual in Shropshire.

This is not exactly a new find, but Jane Morris has been very helpful in tracking down the site of an old record. In July 1836 William Leighton collected a specimen of a bramble "on the left hand side of the footpath leading down to the ferry" near the Can Office, Shrewsbury. The specimen was later to be accepted as the first find of "Leighton's Bramble" Rubus leightonii Lees, and is kept in Babington's herbarium at Cambridge. Being a first ever record (or lectotype) makes it particularly interesting, so it is useful to know that the grid reference would have been SJ488119. Nobody seems to know why it was called the Can (or, more usually, Cann) Office but it was at one point the office for the ferry and later an inn. The footpath is still there: it runs down to the Severn between Kingsland Bridge and the mouth of the Rea Brook.


Additions to the County Flora

The following is a list of records for species that apparently have not been recorded in Shropshire before - or, at least, not published as such. Most of these are first county records although, where a non-localised record (such as a tetrad record) is the first we have ignored it in favour of a subsequent full record, unless no such detailed record exists. To save space, the list has been printed in a small font.

Abies grandis (Douglas ex D. Don) Lindley , Giant Fir, Clunton Coppice, SO3480, John Bingham & Sarah Whild, 23/04/95

Acer palmatum Thunb., Smooth Japanese-maple, Cound Hall, SJ561053, Sarah Whild & Alex Lockton, 23/10/97

Aesculus carnea Hayne, Red Horse-chestnut, Milson Church, SO639728, John Thompson 11/09/97

Alstroemeria aurea Graham, Peruvian Lily, The Moors, Ellesmere, SJ490342, Alex Lockton, 10/07/98

Amaranthus hybridus L, Green Pigweed, Shrewsbury, SJ495122, Rob Stokes, 11/10/94

Amsinckia micrantha Suksd., Common Fiddleneck, Beach Bank, SJ42902, Kate Thorne, June 1991

Arum italicum Miller, Italian Lords-and-Ladies, Claverley, SO796944, Steve O'Donnell, 1995

Asplenium trichomanes ssp. quadrivalens D.E. Mayer, Maidenhair Spleenwort, Ray's Bridge, SO7183, Ian Trueman, 05/06/96

Aucuba japonica Thunb., Spotted-laurel, The Mere, Ellesmere, SJ4034, Flora Group det. Sarah Whild, 28/09/97

Avena sterilis ssp. ludoviciana (Durieu) Gillet & Magne., Winter Wild-oat, Hodnet, SJ6028, Sylvia Kingsbury, 30/06/91

Bergenia crassifolia (L.) Fritsch, Elephant-ears, Llynclys Hill, SJ2723, Alex Lockton, 27/04/98

Brachyglottis 'Sunshine' auct. non Hook f., Shrub Ragwort, Monkmoor Sewage Works, SJ522137, Rob Stokes, 04/10/97

Briza maxima L., Greater Quaking Grass, Copthorne, SJ480125, Rob Stokes, 28/06/94

Campanula carpatica Jacq., Shrewsbury, SJ4912, Sarah Whild, 08/12/96

Campanula persicifolia L., Peach-leaved Bellflower, Merrington Green, SJ466209, Rob Stokes, 1993

Campanula portenschlagiana Schultes, Adria Bellflower, Kingsland, Shrewsbury, SJ485121, Rob Stokes, 28/10/94

Campanula poscharskyana Degen, Trailing Bellflower, Coton Hill, SJ492136, Rob Stokes, 14/06/95

Cedrus atlantica (Endl.) Carriere, Atlas Cedar, Sidbury Churchyard, SO685857, John Thompson, 06/05/98

Cedrus deodara (Roxb. Ex D. Don) Don, Deodar, Cockshutt Churchyard, SJ435293, Pat Parker, 20/05/95

Cedrus libani A. Rich, Cedar of Lebanon, Attingham Park, SJ550102, Sarah Whild, 23/05/96

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (A. Murray) Parl., Lawson's Cypress, Baschurch Churchyard, SJ422219, Pat Parker, 1993

x Conyzigeron huelsenii (Vatke) Rauschert, Shrewsbury, SJ485129, Pat Parker, 1992

Cornus sericea L., Red-osier Dogwood, Shifnal, SJ740077, Rob Stokes, 31/05/96

Corylus maxima Miller, Filbert, Shrewsbury, SJ484128, Pat Parker, 23/07/90

Crataegus x macrocarpa Hegetschw., Hybrid Hawthorn, Wistanstow, SO440868, Sarah Whild, 08/06/96

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora (Lemoine ex Burb. & Dean) Nicholson, Montbretia, Llanymynech Heritage Area, SJ269213, Herbert Webster, 1993

x Cupressocyparis leylandii (A.B. Jackson & Dallimore) Dallimore, Leyland Cypress, Ludlow, SO511751, David Simpson, 1989

Cyclamen repandum Sibth. & Smith, Lydham Churchyard, SO3391, Sylvia Kingsbury, 1996

Cymbalaria hepaticifolia (Poiret) Wettst., Corsican Toadflax, Grinshill, SJ515238, Tom Preece, 1994

Cyperus longus L., Galingale, Priorslee Flash, SJ710104, Rob Stokes, 04/08/97

Dactylorhiza x transiens (Druce) Soo, Melverley Farm, SJ585408, Sarah Whild, 19/06/95

Echinochloa colona (L.) Link, Shama Millet, Shrewsbury, SJ496123, Rob Stokes, 20/08/94

Echinops sphaerocephalus L., Glandular Globe-thistle, Stokesay Castle, SO436817, John Thompson, 13/07/95

Erysimum x marshallii (Henfry) Bois, Siberian Wallflower, Whitehaven Quarry, SJ263239, Pat Parker, 09/05/93

Erythronium denscanis L., Dog's-tooth-violet, Badger Dingle, SO771994, Mrs E. O'Donnell, 1995

Euonymus latifolius (L.) Miller, Large-leaved Spindle, Badger Dingle, SO764994, Rob Stokes, 05/06/94

Euphorbia amygdaloides ssp. amygdaloides, Wood Spurge, Holly Coppice, SJ5414, Alex Lockton, 20/01/98

Festuca rubra ssp. rubra, Red Fescue, Candy Valley, SJ2528, Sarah Whild, 07/06/98

Ficus caria L., Fig, Ellesmere, SJ410341, Alex Lockton, 10/07/98

Fumaria capreolata ssp. babingtonii (Pugsley) Sell, White Ramping-fumitory, Trefonen, SJ260269, Franklyn Perring, 25/07/93

Fumaria officinalis ssp. officinalis, Common Fumitory, Aston Locks, SJ3326, Sarah Whild, 07/06/97

Geranium x oxonianum Yeo, Druce's Crane's-bill, Ruyton-XI-Towns, ca. SJ3922, John Martin, 15/07/89

Geum macrophyllum Willd., Large-leaved Avens, Bettws-y-crwyn Churchyard, SO206814, "Miss Powell", no date (ca. 1950?)

Gymnadenia conopsea ssp. borealis (Druce) F. Rose, Fragrant Orchid, Wyre Forest, SO717752, M. Taylor, 08/06/89

Hemerocallis fulva (L.) L., Orange Day-lily, Stokesay Castle, SO436817, John Thompson, 13/07/95

Hippophae rhamnoides L., Sea-buckthorn, Oswestry, SJ303304, Sam Barrett, Oct 1983

Hordeum distichon L., Two-rowed Barley, Montgomery Canal, SJ310249, Kathryn Edwards & Iain Gunn, 1987

Hyacinthus orientalis L., Hyacinth, Dawley, SJ696076, Rob Stokes, 14/04/97

Iberis umbellata L., Garden Candytuft, Holy Trinity Church, Wistanstow, SO432856, Philip Whittle, 03/08/86

Iris germanica L., Bearded Iris, Stokesay Castle, SO436817, John Thompson, 13/07/95

Kerria japonica (L.) DC., Kerria, Clunton Coppice, SO3480, Sarah Whild, 31/03/98

Lagarosiphon major (Ridley) Moss, Curly Waterweed, Llynclys Hill, SJ270231, Rob Stokes, 01/07/95

Lamiastrum galeobdolon ssp. argentatum (Smejkal) Stace, Whitcliffe Common, SO507740, Sarah Whild, 12/05/96

Lathraea clandestina L., Purple Toothwort, Hardwick Estate, SJ510222, Alan Johnson, April 1991

Lathyrus grandiflorus Smith, Two-flowered Everlasting-pea, Oakengates, SJ699104, Rob Stokes, 23/06/94

Lavatera arborea L., Tree-mallow, Old St. George's School, SJ484128, Pat Parker, 23/07/90

Lepidium latifolium L., Dittander, Craven Arms, SO437826, Will Prestwood, 1989

Leucojum aestivum L., Summer Snowflake, Whitcliffe Common, SO507740, Sarah Whild, 12/06/96

Lycopersicon esculentum Miller, Tomato, The Mere, Ellesmere, SJ4034, Flora Group conf. Sarah Whild, 28/09/97

Lysichiton americanus Hulten & H. St. John, American Skunk-cabbage, Horsehay, SJ673074, Rob Stokes, 28/04/95

Morus nigra L., Black Mulberry, Wroxeter, SJ562083, Joanna Deacon, 1990

Muscari neglectum Guss. ex Ten., Grape Hyacinth, Sambrook, SJ714244, Bryan Fowler, March 1977

Myriophyllum aquaticum (Vell. Conc.) Verdc., Parrot's Feather, Fenemere, SJ443232, Robin Walls, September 1990

Nicandra physalodes (L.) Gaertner, Apple of Peru, Yockleton, SJ3910, F. Lakes (det. Charles Sinker), 1976

Oxalis articulata Savigny, Pink-sorrel, Caynton, SJ705220, Bryan Fowler, October 1976

Oxalis exilis Cunn., Least Yellow-sorrel, Fish Street, Shrewsbury, SJ493124, Rob Stokes, 30/08/94

Oxalis incarnata L., Pale Pink-sorrel, Old St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, SJ4912, Stan Turner & Joan Connell, 03/06/76

Paeonia mascula (L.) Miller, Peony, Stokesay Castle, SO436817, John Thompson, 13/07/95

Panicum miliacium L., Common Millet, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, SJ489123, A. Wake, 28/10/89

Papaver orientale L., Oriental Poppy, Shropshire, SO38I, Sylvia Kingsbury, 1996

Petasites albus (L.) Gaertner, White Butterbur, Badger Dingle, SO765993, Steve O'Donnell, 1995

Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth., Phacelia, opposite Grafton School, SJ436184, anon., 1980

Philadelphus coronarius L., Mock Orange, Cound Hall, SJ563052, Sarah Whild, 23/10/97

Phytolacca acinosa Roxb., Indian Pokeweed, Kingsland Bridge, Shrewsbury, SJ488120, Rob Stokes, 07/10/94

Pinus nigra ssp. laricio Maire, Corsican Pine, Pontesford Hill, SJ4005, Sarah Whild, 24/05/98

Pinus nigra ssp. nigra Arnold, Austrian Pine, Moreton Corbet Castle, SJ562232, John Thompson, 10/07/95

Pinus strobus L., Weymouth Pine, Sidbury Church, SO685857, John Thompson, 06/05/98

Plantago major ssp. major, Greater Plantain, Llynclys Hill, SJ2723, Alex Lockton, 30/08/98

Platanus x hispanica Miller & Muenchh., London Plane, Alberbury, SJ3514, Sarah Whild, 07/04/96

Populus candicans Aiton, Balm-of-Gilead, Shropshire, SO38D, Sylvia Kingsbury, 1994

Potentilla fruticosa L., Shrubby Cinquefoil, Eaton upon Tern, SJ653233, Rachael Lees, 23/07/77

Prunus x fruticans Weihe, Colemere, SJ43G, Pat Parker, 21/10/96

Prunus dulcis (Miller) D. Webb, Almond, Church Pulverbatch Churchyard, SJ429029, John Thompson, 05/06/98

Prunus lusitanica L., Portugal Laurel, Beck's Field, Shrewsbury, SJ484124, Pat Parker, 09/09/85

Pseudosasa japonica (Siebold & Zucc. ex Steudel), Arrow Bamboo, Coalport, SJ700022, Rob Stokes, 07/10/96

Quercus rubra L., Red Oak, Chetwynd Heath, SJ712222, Rob Stokes, 19/06/96

Rhus typhina L., Stag's-horn Sumach, River Roden, SJ589142, Alex Lockton, 31/07/95

Rumex x abortivus Ruhmer, Newton on the hill, SJ42W, Franklyn Perring, 1975

Sambucus racemosa L., Red-berried Elder, Shropshire, SJ60S, John Box, 1991-'93

Sanguisorba minor ssp. muricata (Gremli) Briq., Fodder Burnet, Rudge, SO803978, Rob Stokes, 03/06/96

Saxifraga cymbalaria L., Celandine Saxifrage, Kinnerley, SJ345214, Charles Sinker, 1970

Senecio x subnebrodensis Simonkai, Oswestry Railway Station, SJ295299, Franklyn Perring, August 1988

Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindley) Buchholz, Wellingtonia, The Mere, SJ4034, Flora Group conf. Sarah Whild, 28/09/97

Sisyrhinchium bermudiana L., Blue-eyed-grass, Llynclys, SJ268214, Herbert Webster, 1992

Solanum tuberosum L., Potato, Old River Bed, Shrewsbury, SJ496151, Gill Castle & Rob Mileto, August 1992

Sorbus intermedia (Ehrh.) Pers., Swedish Whitebeam, Llynclys Hill, SJ272240, Jackie Pedlow det. P.J.M. Nethercott, 1990

Stachys byzantina K. Koch, Lamb's-ear, Pant Coalyard, SJ276221, Julie Clarke & Audrey Franks, 21/05/93

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium L., French Meadow-rue, Little Dawley, SJ682059, Sarah Whild, 15/06/98

Thuja plicata Donn ex D. Don, Western Red-cedar, St. Leonard's Churchyard, Ludlow, SO511751, David Simpson, June 1989

Tilia x euchlora K. Koch, Caucasian Lime, Hodnet, SJ6028, Philip & Sylvia Kingsbury, 30/06/91

Typha x glauca Godron, Hybrid Reedmace, top pool, Badger Dingle, SO771993, Rob Stokes, 07/08/96

Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia, Thyme-leaved Speedwell, Hogstowe Meadows, SJ362009, Daniel Wrench, 26/05/94

Viburnum lantana L., Wayfaring-tree, Montgomery Canal, SJ351282, Sarah Whild, 29/09/97

Viburnum rhytidiophyllum Hemsley ex Forbes & Hemsley, Wrinkled Viburnum, Cound Hall, SJ563052, Sarah Whild, 23/10/97

Vicia faba L., Broad Bean, Llanymynech Rocks, SJ2621, Alex Lockton, 13/04/98

Vicia sativa ssp. segetalis, Tong Park Farm, SJ8006, Ian Trueman, 29/05/95

Vulpia muralis (Kunth) Nees, Whitchurch, SJ531415, Jean Hooson & Franklyn Perring (det. R.M. Payne & T.B. Ryves), 1997

Weigela florida (Bunge) A. DC., Weigelia, Whitton Churchyard, SO576728, John Thompson, 16/06/97

Zea mays L., Maize, Banks of River Roden, SJ463315, Alex Lockton, 11/10/95

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