Shropshire Botanical Society Newsletters


Spring 2001

Botanical Society News

New Records

An upland grassland community

Violets and pansies of Shropshire

Stoneworts in Shropshire

In defence of Mary McGhie

Field Meetings 2001

Golden Ragwort Award & Conservation News

Autumn 2000

Botanical Society News and field meetings

Atlas 2000 News

New Records

Conservation News

Mistletoe on Oaks in Shropshire - an update

Border Bryologists

The uncertain legacy of Mary McGhie

The Holly and the Ivy…

Shropshire's Extinct Species

Spring 2000

Botanical Society News

New Records

Conservation News

What next for botanical recording?

Recording ecologically

Field Meetings for 2000

The Border Bryologists

The conservation value of Shropshire's canals

The uncertain distribution of Cat's-tails in Shropshire

Autumn 1999

Botanical Society News

New Records - introducing Shropshire's rarest plant Carex muricata ssp. muricata, Prickly Sedge

New rust on daisies spreads rapidly

Brown Moss Update

The Border Bryologists

The Mysteries of The Mere

The Historical Ecology of Old Oswestry

Spring 1999

Shropshire Botanical Society News

New Records

Field Meetings 1999

The Border Bryologists

Setting the records straight

Shropshire's roses

Jones's Rough

Book Review

Autumn 1998

Shropshire Flora Group News

New Records

Smyrnium olusatrum & Puccinia smyrnii

Growing ferns from spores

Botanical Recording in Shropshire

Frog Orchid Update