Charcloth Tutorial                                         

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  My tin of choice, big enough to do the job, and has a sealable lid, place a roll of cotton material in the tin (I used an old pillow case) and put the lid on.  


  Punch a small hole in the lid, approx 1/4 inch.  


  Fire up your Trangia and place the tin on the fire. of course you could put the tin in your camp fire.  


  Leave the tin on the fire until a flame erupts from the hole in the lid, then place a small stick into the hole, the stick makes the tin airtight and prevents further combustion taking place.  
    When the tin is cool, pop the lid off and you should have a roll of charcloth.  
    Carefully remove the cloth from the tin, it should look something like this, there is enough here to last me months.  
    Tools of the trade, the charcloth is kept in the sealable plastic bag, I keep my flint, steel and cloth in a small pouch.  
    Prepare your tinder bundle, I used a birch bark roll containing birch bark scrapings.  
    Tear off a strip of cloth about 2 to 3 inches long and fold it up, place this on top of the flint right next to the edge.  
    Strike the flint with the steel, a spark will land on the cloth and it will start to glow, encourage the ember to grow with gentle blowing and place it into your tinder bundle.  
    Keep blowing the ember and it will grow and catch the birch scrapings alight, after a few seconds.............  
    ...........hey presto we have fire, place this under your kindling (which you have already prepared of course), and build your fire in the normal manner.  
      It took less than 20 seconds from striking the steel on the flint to achieve flame from the resulting ember.  

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