Registers in Classes ADM and FO - Overseas (except Malta)

Country Church Event Dates Reference
Bahrain St Paul & Holy Trinity, HMS Jufair Baptisms 1961-1971 ADM 338/48
Bermuda Ireland Island Baptisms 1826-1848 ADM 6/434 B
ADM 6/435
Burials 1848-1946 ADM 6/436
Bermuda HM Dockyard Church, Ireland Island, and aboard Ships of the America and West Indies Stations: HMS Superb Baptisms 1946-1957 ADM 338/11  
Bermuda Boaz Garrison Baptisms 1903-1918 ADM 6/439
Bulgaria? British Chaplaincy on the Lower Danube Burials 1869-1870 FO 786/120
Burma "Official War Diary and Death Register" including brief account of move from Singapore to Thailand with reference to work on Burma-Siam railway. Includes various death registers and nominal roll of persons buried at Kando. Burials
1942-1943 WO 347/13
Ceylon TRINCOMALEE RN Hospital and COLOMBO RN Establishment - plus RN Air Stations and ships Baptisms 1940-1963 ADM 338/4
Germany KIEL British Army on the Rhine (BAOR), Brompton Barracks Chapel Baptisms 1955-1960 ADM 338/9
Gibraltar Christ Church, St Andrew's Banns 1967-1970 ADM 338/112
Hong Kong The Royal Naval Church, Holy Trinity, HMS Tamar Baptisms 1947-1952 ADM 338/69
Baptisms 1952-1994 ADM 338/70
Mauritius Garrison of Mauritius Baptisms 1913-1976 ADM 338/55  
Romania? British Chaplaincy on the Lower Danube Burials 1869-1870 FO 786/120
St Domingo French part of St Domingo - now Dominican Republic Marriages 1797 ADM 1/3982
Singapore St Michael & All Angels, RNAS Sembawang (became HMS Simbang 1962) Baptisms 1960-1971 ADM 338/67
Singapore St Peter, Singapore Dockyard Baptisms 1950-1971 ADM 338/68
Singapore St George's Royal Naval Chapel, HMS Terror, Royal Naval Barracks Baptisms 1963-1971 ADM 338/71

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