Farnborough Grammar School

FGS Staff 1957-1968 plus a few earlier ones.
Compiled by Alan McGowan from FGS publications.

In some cases it has been difficult to determine exact start and finish dates, but most are correct within a year.
Information in red has been supplied by others, either directly or via Malcolm Knight's FGS website.

Last Name First Name Nickname Years Subject(s)
Ager D E 1958-1964 French
Armsworth E J Jack 1936-1965 School Caretaker
Attree John P 1955-1968+ Geography
Baker B Left 1967 Mathematics
Barrett I (Isidor) Fritz 1946-1957+ German, Music
Baxter P L 1969- Science
Bellett 1968-
Billington A Chin 1962-1968+ English
Bishop W C Boggy 1936-1968+ History, PE
Boorman R 1963-1968 Mathematics
Booy Derek Miles Billy Boy 1955-1968+ English
Bourne Dr J A Prod, Jab 1950-1969 Headmaster
Bradley A J 1966- Mathematics
Bullock E Beefy 1938-1968+ Applied Maths, PE
Bunting J (Jeff) Ernie 1963-1968+ German
Burns R S Left 1967 Geography
Burroughs Mrs D V 1951- Secretary
Chaplin Left 1964 Mathematics
Chapman A E 1936- Headmaster
Clare 1968-
Clarke A E 1936-
Cole K V 1958-1962? French
Cole 1968-
Colley ?-1968+
Collings D G Left 1967 German
Cooper Gary Left 1955 General Science
Cotgreave Wallace C Wally, Trunky 1945-1968+ Mathematics
Cutts ?-1968+
Duke Brian Left 1969 Mathematics
Dyer Roy ?-1968+ Physics
Edwards D G 1964-1966 Geography
Elcombe A D 1963-1966 Physics
Eltringham R B Eli 1957-1968+ Chemistry
Eversfield G A 1957-1961 History
Fale P 1968- Mathematics
Fewkes J E (Jim) 1962-1968 Mathematics
Fletcher-Thomas Flash English, Mathematics
Forman M 1961-1963 Mathematics
Foster Edward J 1936-1968+ Art
Francis ?-1968+
Glasgow Alan J 1959-1968+ Latin
Grosch Thomas Wm Nuncs 1943-1965 Latin
Hawkins M J 1965-1966 Mathematics
Henderson J J 1958- French
Herod John D 1965-1968+ Physics
Hill W C 1936-
Hill R 1963-1966 French, German
Holley R 1965-1968 Religious Knowledge
James F Wallis Jimmy 1936-1955 English
Jones E E H Jonah 1947-1968+ Biology
Jowett Basil 1953-1959 English, PE
Keys R J 1961-1964 English
King 1969- Mathematics
Lees A G D 1936-
Lees John C 1959-1963 German
Lickfold Left by 1960 Music
Malcolm Smith J 1964- French, German
Mansfield K H 1961-1968+ History
Mardles Dr 1961 temp Mathematics
Marsh M R 1961-1963 Physics
Maunder A G D 1936- Chemistry
Meirion-Jones G I Mary Prune 1961-1967 Mathematics
Miles John C Smiler 1936-1963 French
Mills F C Gobo 1936-1962 Applied Maths
Mitchell G F Scarface, Flapper 1958-1964 Geography
Morant R W 1956-1957 Chemistry, Physics
Morgan Moggie Left 1955 Mathematics
Moseley J H 1936-
Mound Peter ?-1968+ Music
Mowat Mrs Irene ?-1968+ Secretary
Naish Dr G H 1936-1959 Latin
North G K (Gerry) 1962-1968+ Chemistry
Nurton F J 1936-
Openshaw R 1936-
Owen D Taffy 1960-1962 Music
Paine J B (Jim) 1965-1968+ French, German
Pallister ?-1968+
Palmer Mrs Joan ?-1968+ Secretary
Pascoe Thomas L G 1942-1968+ Handicraft
Raynor B W (Bill) 1956- Mathematics
Rees D M 1964-1968 Mathematics
Richards A W Big Dick 1936-1959 Geography
Richards F H Little Dick 1946-1960s Religious Knowledge
Rodgers D M G Boris 1951-1960s Chemistry
Routledge c1959 temp Languages
Rowland Gilbert c1961-1968+
Sadler Michael J 1961-1968+ French
Sarfas Clifford 1961-1962 Physics
Sewell Dr J S N 1955-1960s Mathematics
Shaw M R The Mekon 1962-1965 French, German
Sloane Left 1968
Smith Reginald H Reg 1936-1967 Physics
Smith J M Left 1967
Smith ? ?-1968+
Solloway F G C 1936-
Spence B V 1961-1966 History
Stallybrass Mrs J D 1954- Laboratory Assistant
Stockley J D 1959-1961 Geography
Stoker PE
Styles N H 1957-1968+ English
Summers 1968-
Sweet A 1944-1958 French
Thomas Brinley 1936-1950+ History, Latin, Acting Head
Thomas Joseph Joe Thomas 1946-1968+ History, PE
Upton L K Charlie Upton 1949-1968 French
Voller J D 1959-1963 English
Westwood T F 1966- PE
Wheeler W S Left 1967
Wheeler ?-1968+
Whitby S L 1936-
Wickham N J 1965-1968+ English
Williams G T 1936-
Williams A J 1966-1969 History
Wilson Colin R Bruiser 1957-1968+ Physics
Wiseman C R Nat, Fat Nat 1961-1968 Geography
Withington D 1963-1966 Mathematics
Wright J 1966-1968+ Physics
Wrigley ?-1968+

Corrections and additions welcome.

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