Hampshire Family History

Genealogy Sites and Mailing Lists

Genealogy Sites Providing Hampshire and Isle of Wight Links
Genuki - Hampshire Section
Genuki - Isle of Wight Section
Cyndi'sList - Hampshire Section
UK Genealogy - Hampshire Section
UK Genealogy - Isle of Wight Section
Genealogylinks - Hampshire and Isle of Wight section
Genealogy Sites Providing UK and Ireland Links
Genuki Genealogical Sources - by subject
Family Records UK - the Government's family history site
UK Genealogy
Cyndi's List - UK and Ireland section
Genealogylinks - UK and Ireland section
Genealogy Sites Providing Worldwide Links
Cyndi's List
Genealogy Sites Providing Search Facilities
Family Search - the IGI on line
LDS Family History Library Catalogue - searchable catalogue
IGI Batch Numbers Search - Search for surnames within a Batch Number - by Hugh Wallis
IGI Middle Name Index for Hampshire - from Hugh Wallis's Genealogical Site
Ancestry.co.uk - searchable databases including free access to Civil Registration indexes for England and Wales
Genealogy.com searchable databases and family trees
The National Archives - Catalogue - searchable by surname or other keyword
FreeBMD - an ongoing project to provide Internet access to the Civil Registration indexes for England and Wales
IGI and BVRI Contents
IGI Batch Numbers - for Hampshire parishes - by Hugh Wallis - C christenings - M marriages - P printed
IGI Batch Numbers - for British Isles and North America - by Hugh Wallis
British Vital Records Listing - downloadable lists of parishes included for each county
Surname Interests
Surname Interest List - maintained by Graham Jaunay for Genuki
Hampshire Names
Mailing Lists
Hampshire Mailing List
England-Hampshire Mailing List
Hampshire Life Mailing List
Kingsclere Mailing List - Kingsclere, Ashford Hill, Baughurst, Ecchinswell, Ewhurst, Hannington, Sydmonton, Wolverton
New Forest Mailing List
Portsmouth and Gosport Mailing List
Romsey Mailing List
Southampton Mailing List

Isle of Wight Mailing List
Rootsweb Mailing Lists - surname, county, country, occupation, etc - Search Facility
Researchers may choose to subscribe in List Mode (L), where contributors' e-mails are sent individually,
  or in Digest Mode (D), where contributors' e-mails are grouped into batches and sent periodically as a digest.
Ancestry.com Hampshire Message Board
Look-up Services
Parish Register UK Lookup Exchange
Telephone Directories
Telephone Directories of the World - from Infobel
British Telecom Archives - at High Holborn, London - UK Telephone Directories from 1880
A global search of many telephone directories can be conducted via ancestry.com

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