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A Master Index to MIs in 32 Churchyards, 24 Churches, and 1 Cemetery

 Contents (Items marked * are extracts only)

Ald ALDERSHOT St Michael: Church & Churchyard (Note 1)
Clid CLIDDESDEN St Leonard: Church & Churchyard
ClidCTG CLIDDESDEN St Leonard: Church * (Printed in CTG Vol 8)
Dog DOGMERSFIELD All Saints: Churchyard
DogCTG DOGMERSFIELD Old Church * (Printed in CTG Vol 8) (Note 2)
Ellis ELLISFIELD St Martin: Church & Churchyard
EllisSHC ELLISFIELD St Martin: Church * (Printed in SHC)
Elv ELVETHAM St Mary: Churchyard
ElvCTG ELVETHAM St Mary: Church * (Printed in CTG Vol 8)
FaWa FARLEIGH WALLOP St Andrew: Churchyard
FaWaCh FARLEIGH WALLOP St Andrew: Church
FaWaCTG FARLEIGH WALLOP St Andrew: Church * (Printed in CTG Vol 8)
Farnb FARNBOROUGH St Peter: Churchyard
Fleet FLEET All Saints: Churchyard (part only)
Froy FROYLE St Mary: Church & Churchyard
FroyCTG FROYLE St Mary: Church * (Printed in CTG Vol 8)
Grey GREYWELL St Mary: Church & Churchyard
Hartf HARTFORDBRIDGE All Souls: Churchyard
HaWe HARTLEY WESPALL St Mary: Churchyard
Haw HAWLEY Holy Trinity: Church & Churchyard (Note 3)
Heck HECKFIELD St Michael: Churchyard
HeckCem HECKFIELD: Cemetery
HeckCh HECKFIELD St Michael: Church
Herr HERRIARD St Mary: Churchyard
Hook HOOK St John the Evangelist: Churchyard
LgSuCTG LONG SUTTON All Saints: Church * (Printed in CTG Vol 8)
Map MAPLEDURWELL St Mary: Church & Churchyard
Matt MATTINGLEY (dedication unknown): Church & Churchyard
Min MINLEY St Andrew: Churchyard
NaSc NATELY SCURES St Swithun: Church & Churchyard
Newn NEWNHAM St Nicholas: Church & Churchyard
Od ODIHAM All Saints: Church & Churchyard
Roth ROTHERWICK (dedication unkn): Church & Churchyard
ShLod SHERFIELD ON LODDON St Leonard: Churchyard
SWarnCTG SOUTH WARNBOROUGH St Andrew: Church * (Printed in CTG Vol 8)
StrS STRATFIELD SAYE St Mary: Churchyard
StrT STRATFIELD TURGIS All Saints: Church & Churchyard
Tun TUNWORTH All Saints: Church & Churchyard
UpNa UP NATELY St Stephen: Church & Churchyard
WePa WESTON PATRICK St Lawrence: Church & Churchyard
Wfld WINCHFIELD St Mary: Churchyard
WfldCTG WINCHFIELD St Mary: Church * (Printed in CTG Vol 8)
Wins WINSLADE St Mary: Church & Churchyard
WinsSHC WINSLADE St Mary: Church * (Printed in SHC)

CTG Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica (Copies at Society of Genealogists)
SHC Monumental Inscriptions in Sixty Hampshire Churches - J S W Gibson

Note 1  Based on the transcript held by Hampshire Genealogical Society. Another recording of Aldershot churchyard, done circa 1945, is held at the Society of Genealogists.
Note 2  Some, if not all, of the wall tablets in Dogmersfield Old Church were removed and placed in the present church.
Note 3  The transcript includes 41 MIs from the large cemetery adjoining Hawley churchyard, but these are not yet included in the index.

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