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Bournemouth was transferred from Hampshire to Dorset in 1974
BOURNEMOUTH All Saints (1915)
BOURNEMOUTH Christ Church (1898)
BOURNEMOUTH Holy Epiphany (1938)
BOURNEMOUTH Holy Trinity (1867)
BOURNEMOUTH St Alban (1909)
BOURNEMOUTH St Ambrose (1906)
BOURNEMOUTH St Andrew Bennett Rd (1887)
BOURNEMOUTH St Andrew Boscombe (1908)
BOURNEMOUTH St Augustin (1893)
BOURNEMOUTH St Christopher (1933)
BOURNEMOUTH St Clement (1871)
BOURNEMOUTH St Francis (1929)
BOURNEMOUTH St James (1860)
BOURNEMOUTH St John Boscombe (1891)
BOURNEMOUTH St John Moordown (1873)
BOURNEMOUTH St John Surrey Road (1889)
BOURNEMOUTH St Katharine (1887)
BOURNEMOUTH St Luke (1915)
BOURNEMOUTH St Mary (1922)
BOURNEMOUTH St Michael (1874)
BOURNEMOUTH St Nicholas (1961)
BOURNEMOUTH St Paul (1874)
BOURNEMOUTH St Peter (1845)
BOURNEMOUTH St Saviour, Iford (1934)
BOURNEMOUTH St Stephen (1882)
BOURNEMOUTH St Swithun (1906)
Bournemouth - from The Dorset Page
Bournemouth - from vrbournemouth
- from Highcliffe Village site
A Brief History of Bournemouth - by Tim Lambert
Bournemouth - photographs
by Ian Britton - from FreeFoto.com
Bournemouth - photographs from Crabbycabby
The History of Boscombe
Bournemouth St Augustin
Bournemouth St Clement
- from the Open Churches Trust
Bournemouth St John with St Michael
Bournemouth St John the Evangelist Boscombe

Bournemouth St John Moordown - by Father Ron Bowles
Bournemouth St Michael - photograph from Adrienne Richards' site
Bournemouth St Nicholas, Southbourne
Bournemouth St Paul Throop
Bournemouth St Peter

Bournemouth St Peter
Bournemouth St Peter - photograph
Bournemouth St Peter - by Michael Day
Bournemouth St Stephen
Bournemouth St Stephen
Bournemouth St Stephen - by Michael Day
Bournemouth - Annunciation and St.Edmund Campion - Catholic Parish
Bournemouth Sacred Heart - Catholic Church - by Michael Day
Bournemouth - Ensbury Park Catholic Church
Bournemouth Area Catholic Churches
Bournemouth - Richmond Hill United Reformed Church - formerly Independent/Congregational
Winton United Reformed Church - formerly Independent/Congregational
Bournemouth - Lansdowne Baptist Church
Boscombe Baptist Church
Moordown Baptist Church
St George's Methodist Church, Boscombe
Winton Methodist Church
Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation
Bournemouth Synagogues
Bournemouth Cemeteries
Bournemouth Wimborne Road Cemetery - includes photographs of memorials
Bournemouth St Stephen Marriages 1902-1929 - by Sue Dunn
Bournemouth Map 1910 - from Baedeker's Old Guide Books
Bournemouth Dispensary - from the Rossbret website

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