Hampshire Family History

Recommended Sites

Southern Life (UK)
By Chris Hayles - Histories of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Villages
Isle of Wight Historic Postcards
By Steve Holden - Histories of several parishes, postcards, photographs, links to other sites
Old Hampshire Mapped
By Jean and Martin Norgate - Reproductions of many maps from 1575 to 1826
Isle of Wight Nostalgia
By Dave Parker - History, geology, photographs, maps, links to other sites
Ordnance Survey Maps
Nineteenth century maps of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight at 1:10,560 (six inches to the mile)
Bartie's Website
by Antony R Barton
Old Isle of Wight photographs and postcards
Headley - by John Owen Smith
Census, monumental inscriptions, directories, parish registers, hearth tax, photographs of many churches
Marfleet Postcards - by John Marfleet
Photographs of the West Wight area published by Herbert S Marfleet between 1920 and 1937
The Froyle Archive
By Chris & Annette Booth - Includes census indexes, linked to parish register entries
The Isle of Wight Index
Includes many photographs
Hampshire Cam
Includes many photographs
Isle of Wight Cam
Includes many photographs

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