Vinden and Vindin Families in Canada

Telephone listings for Canada (November 1999) include one business entry and eighteen private entries for the name Vinden, though some of these may be multiple entries for the same individual. Thirteen of those listed are in Ontario, and six are in British Columbia. No other searches have yet been conducted in Canadian records, but references to several Vinden families in Canada have been discovered.

Edmund Solomon Vindin
Edmund Solomon Vindin (born 1821 in Middlesex, England) was resident in Canada by 1871, and died at Port Hope, Ontario, in 1898. His mother and five of his siblings migrated from England to Australia, and it is not yet known whether Edmund travelled to Canada from Australia or directly from England. For further information about his family, see the Australia page.

Drummer Samuel Vindon
Samuel Vindon was born in the parish of St Luke Old Street, Middlesex, and joined the 88th regiment of Foot in 1855 at the age of 14 years and 8 months. He served with the 88th, 36th, and 54th Regiments, and was discharged in 1879. He was awarded the India Mutiny Medal with Central India Clasp. His service record gives his intended place of residence after discharge as New London, Ontario. No attempt has yet been made to locate references to him in Canada.

Descendants of the Vinden Family of Reading
Benjamin Lucas Vinden (1880-????) lived at Medicine Hat, Alberta. He served in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force during World War One, and in the Royal Australian Navy in 1939. His Canadian Attestation Papers can be viewed by searching for Vinden at Soldiers of the First World War.
Benjamin was a son of William Allwright Vinden (1844-1916)

Frederic Roy Vinden (1899-1939) migrated to Canada. Two of his sons later moved to England.
He was a son of Ernest Lucas Vinden (1864-1931).

Paul Vinden (1906-1975) migrated to Canada. Many of his descendants live in British Columbia.
He was a son of Ernest Lucas Vinden (1864-1931).

Several descendants of Gilbert Vinden (1892-1984) now live in Ontario.
Gilbert was a son of Samuel John Vinden (1856-1909).

For further information about the Vinden family of Reading, See the Reading page.

Descendants of the Vinden Family of Farnham
Norman Stanley Vinden (1920-1977) migrated to Canada in 1957 with his wife and four children. His wife and most of his descendants now live in Ontario. Norman was the son of Alfred Vinden (1886-1956).

For further information about the Vinden family of Farnham, see the Farnham page.

Vinden or Vindin Street, Midland, Ontario
The street appears as Vinden Street or Vindin Street, depending on the source. Chris Vinden enquired about the origin of the name, and received the following reply:
According to the book Midland's Guide to Living on Easy Street: The People, Places and Events that influences the naming of our Streets, "Vindin Street was named after David Vindin, a shareholder in the Midland Railroad Corporation along with Adolph von Hugel and George Cox and can be found on Plan 582 'A' dated 1912." Hope this is helpful. Sincerely, Tracy Leonard, Huronia Museum

I am indebted to Dean Vinden, Chris Vinden, Robin Vinden, and Penny Vinden for information about these families.

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