Vinden Family of Farnham, Surrey

The Vinden family of Upper Hale, near Farnham, is descended from William Vinden who lived at Crondall, Hampshire, during the 1740s. William's ancestry has not yet been established, though Vinden families had been resident in north east Hampshire since Elizabethan times.
All present members of the family appear to be descended from William Vinden's great-grandson Robert Vinden
(1807-1879) who married Mary Saunders at Farnham in 1826. Most are descended from two of Robert's sons:
     James (1840-1910) who married Esther May in 1861 at Aldershot Wesleyan Chapel and had at least twelve children.
     George (1853-1903) who married Ellen Matthews in 1872 and had at least eleven children.
The family has now spread to Wiltshire, Northumberland, East Anglia, and Canada. A family tree showing more than 120 Vindens and their spouses has been compiled.

Known Children of James & Esther Vinden
Hannah 1862-1940 (married Robert B McAllister)
Emma 1863
Kate 1865-1867
James William 1867-1868
Eliza 1868-1870
Alice Elizabeth 1870 (married Frederick Creed)
George 1873-1931 (married Emily Ayres)
William 1876-1876
Frederick John 1879-1946 (married Maud Ayres)
Albert Christopher 1883-1895
Arthur James 1885-1975 (married Alice E Piper)
Edith Esther 1887-1946 (married Robert H Stevens)
Known Children of George & Ellen Vinden
George William 1872-1929 (married Louisa Ayres)
Mary Ann 1874 (married Charles H Lewis)
John Henry 1875-1877
Emily 1877-1880
Rose 1879-1946 (married William Ayres)
Thomas 1881-1944
Ellen 1884 (married Walter S Winter)
Alfred 1886-1956 (married Mary Ann Ayres)
Frederick Charles 1889-1955 (married Sarah Drummond)
Alice 1891 (married Thomas H Chattarton)
Florence 1896-1976 (married Ernest Warner)

George and Ellen Vinden
Alf and Polly Vinden
Fred Vinden
Tom Vinden
A Family Wedding - Wedding of Annie Lewis, daughter of Charles & Mary Ann Lewis (née Vinden)
Five Vinden Sisters

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