Vinden & Vindin Families in London, Middlesex, Urban Surrey

There are many references to Vindens and Vindins in the London area, and some had no doubt moved into the capital from other areas. Tracing families in London is difficult, but I have had some success with three families so far

The Vindin Family of Kensington, Australia, and Canada
This large family descends from John Vindin (1751-1823), a baker of Brompton Row, Kensington. John's daughter-in-law and some of his grandchildren migrated to Australia during the 1850s, and have many descendants there. These are discussed on the Australia page. One of John's grandsons migrated to Canada.

The Vindon Family of Hammersmith, Westminster, and Marylebone
Joseph Finden (c1750-1823) of Dogmersfield Hampshire married Jane Lunn in 1790 and Hannah Culver in 1807. Both marriages took place at Crondall Hampshire. Joseph and Hannah's son John Vindon (1808-1871) married Mary Ann Taylor at Fulham in 1830. They lived in the Hammersmith, Westminster, and Marylebone areas, and in 1851 were living at 5 Green Coat Cottages, Westminster. Their children included Charles Thomas, James, Mary Ann, Charlotte, and several others who died in infancy. Charles Thomas (c1832-1914) was a policeman. James (c1837-1907) migrated to Australia.

The Vinden Family of Lambeth and Battersea
This family descends from John Vinden (c1819-1887), a plasterer, and his wife Jane, who lived in the Lambeth and Battersea areas of Surrey (now South London). They used the surname Cooper in census returns, though their marriage and their deaths were registered in the name Vinden. John and Jane's children included Jane, John Hatton, Julia, and Helen. John Hatton Vinden (1851-1915) married Mary Higginbottom in 1873 at St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, and had at least nine children. By 1881 they were living in Battersea. John Hatton Vinden's son James Johnson Hatton Vinden had migrated to Australia by 1913.

Known Children of John Hatton Vinden
Martha Jane 1873-
John Hatton 1875-1877
Mary Ellen J 1878- (married Archie Darling)
Joseph Hatton 1880-1882
John Arnold H 1882- (married -?- Reeve)
Julia Catherine 1884- (married -?- Ashworth)
James Johnson Hatton 1888-1985 (married (1) Evelyn B Stone (2) Martha Bradley)
Arnold Johnson 1890-1987
Grace Darling 1893-1918

I would welcome any information which will help to piece together more of the Vinden and Vindin
family history in the London area. If you have any information or queries, please send an

I am indebted to Tony Lock and Susan Taylor (née Vinden) for their help with the Vinden family of Lambeth and Battersea.