Vinden Family of Reading, Berkshire

The Reading and Lincolnshire families are descended from John Vinden of Caversham, Oxfordshire, who married at St Mary Reading in 1644. All present members of the family appear to be descended from John Vinden (1822-1879), a sixth generation descendant of the above mentioned John.
John Vinden (1822-1879) married Ruth Swadling at Cholsey, Berkshire, in 1819, and had twelve children. Four died in infancy, and another died at the age of eighteen. John opened a greengrocer's shop in Minster Street, Reading, and later became Minister of the Jireh Baptist Chapel at Tenterden, Kent.
John's brother Thomas (1828-1897) moved first to Kent, and then to Lincolnshire, where he became head gardener at Harlaxton Manor House. He married twice, and had three sons and two daughters. One son died in infancy
John Vinden's eldest son William Allwright Vinden (1844-1916) became a dairyman and a local councillor at Norwood, Surrey. Of John's other surviving sons, Samuel John Vinden (1856-1909) took over the shop at Minster Street, Reading; Asher Ebenezer Vinden (1862-1917) established a greengrocer's shop at Tulse Hill, Brixton, Surrey; and Ernest Lucas Vinden (1864-1931) opened a fruiterer's shop at Sydney Terrace, Fulham Road, Middlesex.

Known Children of William Allwright Vinden
Frederick William 1868-1960 (married Jane Quincey)
Ernest Ansell 1869-1870
Hubert John 1871-1961 (married Hannah E Hartin)
Ellen Annie 1872-
Miriam Ruth 1874- (married Frank A Suter)
Ethel Mary
Benjamin Lucas 1880- (married Caroline G Sibun)
Ernest Stuart 1884-1942 (married Maud Gill)
Known Children of Samuel John Vinden
Hannah Miriam 1883-1954
Esther 1884-1962
Margaret Ruth 1886-1989
Myra 1888-1891
John Jabez 1890-1962 (married Winifred K Burton)
Gilbert 1892-1984 (married Ethel Dickson)
Known Children of Asher Ebenezer Vinden
Herbert Asher 1885-1886
Doris Jessie 1886-1886
Ernest Victor 1887-1940 (married Hilda A Blackburn)
Margaret Ethel 1888-1968
Hilda Ruth 1891-1921
Sidney Stewart 1894-1954 (married Catherine E Harman)
Known Children of Ernest Lucas Vinden
Ernest John 1889-1954 (married Ethel Lapsley)
Miriam Ruth 1891-1975 (married Frederick A Simmonds)
Frank Hubert 1892-1944 (married Maria)
Maurice 1894-1968 (married Doris E Heyward)
Doris 1896- (married Brown L Garris )
Frederic Roy 1899-1939 (married Alice M Moore)
Paul 1906-1975 (married (1) Elsa (2) Gabrielle M Dromard)

The family has spread to London, Buckinghamshire, Wales, East Anglia, the West Country, and Canada. At various times, members of the family have lived in China, the Phillipines, France, Romania, Palestine, and Australia. Benjamin Lucas Vinden (1880-????) served in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force during World War One and in the Royal Australian Navy in 1939. Norman Stuart Vinden (1908-2000) served in the Australian Army during World War Two.

A family tree showing more than 160 Vindens and their spouses has been compiled.

I am indebted to Dean Vinden, Chris Vinden, Penny Vinden, Anne Vinden,
and Christine Vinden for information about this family.

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