The History and Origins of the Surnames Vinden and Vindin

Since beginning to trace my family history, I have been particularly interested in the name Vinden, the name borne by my maternal grandmother. Vinden and Vindin are uncommon names by any standards, averaging about three births per year in the United Kingdom over the past 150 years. Analysis of birth, marriage, and death registrations suggests that the present Vinden population of the United Kingdom is approximately 140. Despite the scarcity, members of the family have achieved prominence in many fields, and the names are now represented in many parts of the world.

For many years I have been attempting to link all Vindens and Vindins, past and present, into family trees. My progress so far is summarised in these pages, and I would be pleased to supply information to any interested family members or descendants. I would also be delighted to receive any family information, past or present. Memories, reminiscences, family legends, details from birth certificates, family bibles, and other documents are all equally valuable, and will be put to good use in piecing together more of the family history.

Alan McGowan, Aldershot, Hampshire, UK.

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