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Performances: 18th to 20th November 2010

It Runs in the Family

Ray Cooney

Photo of Michael, Alan and Roger Photo of cast during rehearsal Photo of Ken, Sandie, Rachel Photo of Roger, Simon, Ken
Photos by Mike Neilson. See more photos. . .

It Runs in the Family is a farce with all the action taking place in the doctor's common room of a London hospital. With three days to Christmas, Dr. David Mortimore, Senior Neurologist, is set to deliver a landmark lecture, but this is somewhat complicated by the arrival of former nurse Jane Tate with a Christmas gift of her own.

Dr. David Mortimore Ken Knight
Dr. Mike Connoly Michael Bowen
Rosemary Mortimore Sandie Davies
Dr. Hubert Bonney Roger Beard
Matron Gill Hines
Sir Willoughby Drake Alan Hirst
Jane Tate Rachel Alcock
Sister Sue Stokes
Lesley Jacqui Smith
Police Sergeant Simon Greenhalgh
Bill Mike Robinson
Mother Jill Moran
Production Team
Producer Ken Knight
Director Michael Bowen
Stage Manager Roland Merrick
Lighting & Sound Mike Neilson
Prompt Rosemary Hirst
Set Ken Knight, Michael Bowen
Properties Libby Knight
Front of House Jenny Perkins, Claire Perkins,
Rozanne Beard, Jane Greenhalgh,
Lynn Merrick


Joe Walton for London Skyline Backdrop

ROUNDABOUT — working to overcome disadvantage and waste — Blackminster Business Park, Evesham, for the loan of furnishings.

Harvington Village Hall management Committee

HATS would also like to the audience for its continued support.

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