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c21s.jpg (2180 bytes)New for November 2007 - Quite a lot of new stuff done over the summer, but nothing quite ready for photography except for some work on the 'C2' goods tender engine. This was originally built with tender drive, and it was (unfairly?) known as the 'coffee-grinder' on account of its less-than-silent running. So, a good 20 years after its first appearance, no 522 has been converted to a rather more orthodox arrangement.

buildings7fs.jpg (2180 bytes)New for April 2007 - The Mess hut is now complete and ready to install on the layout, so I've added the last page on roofing, windows, guttering, and final weathering.

manning wardle10s.jpg (2180 bytes)New for March 2007 - I've added a section on the renovation of my Manning Wardle which I built over 25 years ago, and which hasn't been working for at least ten years, with some info on its repaint and lining.

warehouse1s.jpg (2180 bytes)New for February 2007 -This month I have added a new section on buildings, including a description of a technique for computer-aided drawing for basic brick buildings. I have also added some pictures of a not-quite-finished scratchbuilt B4.

New for January 2007 - A complete overhaul of the web-site, after a few years of neglect. The rather poor quality photographs of wagons have been replaced, lots of photographs of Brighton Road have been added, and there is a new section showing some photographs of a small selection of locomotives and their chassis.

The Mid-Sussex 18.83 Group is a small group of friends, with a common interest in building and operating model railways to Protofour (P4) standards. We've been in existence for over 30 years, and during that period have built two exhibition layouts, West Chiltington, and Pulborough, and we are well on the way with the third, Brighton Road.

pulbpic1c.jpg (2180 bytes)Details of these three layouts, are given on other pages. The full development of this site will also eventually feature a few other articles, on for example, scratch-building of locos; techniques for split axle construction locos; principles of wiring used on Pulborough and Brighton Road; scenery construction; buildings; operation; and perhaps a few others besides.

pulbpic5c.jpg (1771 bytes)Pulborough is now some 25 years old, and may perhaps be retired soon. If there are any exhibition managers out there who would like to book the layout for a show, email us on

West Chiltington is now retired, and being given a new lease of life as a modern image layout. More details will be available soon.

Brighton Road, meantime, is progressing well. We had hoped to have this layout substantially complete by the end of 2001, but it is now 2007, and the layout is still not finished. However, after two house moves, and major domestic upheaval, lots of progress is now being made again.

pulbpic6c.jpg (1982 bytes)If there are any keen modellers out there, in reach of Plumpton Green (near Lewes), Sussex who would like to get involved in any of our activities, email us (address above).

If you have enjoyed looking at this site, or have any queries on anything on it, please email us at the address above.

These pages have been designed for 1024*768 or 1280*1024 screens, although they should be viewable on 800*600. Some of the photos may not work too well on the smaller screens. You may have some difficulties with 600*480 screens. If you can't see the links to other pages, scroll to the right!

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