A470 Cycling Ban

WALES' First Ban on Cyclists on a Trunk Road ??

Rhodri Morgan's "WAG" (Welsh Assembly Government) is just about to ban cyclists from the A470 trunk road north from the M4 out of Cardiff, having submitted it to the Welsh Minister for approval. Cardiff Cycling Campaign has objected forcefully:

The Highways officers have made no safety case; they could not provide the standard safety audit. They have conducted no cycling audit nor Non-Motorised User audit. They falsely claim they've provided an alternative "very high standard route", which includes a narrow bridge shared with pedestrians with "cyclists dismount" signs and use of a pavement to negotiate the Taffs Well roundabout.

The Campaign has objected as in the attached letter and written to Rhodri Morgan and some other AMs. If you support us, do consider writing similarly to the deputy Minister or own AM.

We aim to keep the A470 route open for those who wish to use it (eg. Audax cyclists) and get the alternative route properly improved to meet standards.

See also our letter of objection

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