City Cycle Rush Hour Challenge
Senior Cardiff Councillors and Council Officers accepted Cardiff Cycling Campaignís challenge to cycle across Cardiff city centre in rush hour. The aim is to draw attention to the difficulties involved in cycling across town.

Those taking up the challenge include Cllr Elgan Morgan - executive member for transport and the environment, Paul Carter, Operational Manager for transport policy, Richard Coombes - Operational Manager with a responsibility for cycling, and councillors from several parties.

The Campaign want to draw attention to the poor facilities for cyclists and potential cyclists across Cardiff, as well as the lack of direct routes for pedestrians, and the lack of a modern integrated public transport system - a situation that will not be improved if the current designs for the St Davids 2 development in the city centre proceed as planned.

An invitation was extended to all members of the Environment Scrutiny Committee - the body responsible for overseeing decisions affecting transport in the city. It was hoped that those reponsible for cycling policy might take the opportunity to listen to cyclists' views on the subject. Only one response was received (see below) to the effect that he would rather sit in his car listening to the radio than find out about the difficulties of cycling in Cardiff.

Preparing to leave County Hall (lycra well hidden under our day clothes!)

Dutifully waiting for the lights to change
The Environment Committee's only thought on cycling:
Oddi wrth/From: Michael, Michael (Cllr) []
Anfonwyd/Sent: 09 April 2006 19:31
Pwnc/Subject: RE: Councillor Rush Hour Challenge extended to Environment Scruti ny Committee.

Some people will do anything for a bit of publicity ,I will be working on this day, as I donít have a cycle I wonít be joining you ,given the choice between riding a cycle in the kind of weather we have in this country and riding in my warm car with the music on is no contest, The thought of Coun Morgan ,Coun Lansdown and possibly Coun Berman in Lycra is enough to make me want to throw up,

Regards, A car loving Michael.

And before you get to exited Dyfed I donít have a problem with cycles ,itís some of the cyclists that (never mind)
The trip started at County Hall, with Dyfed Wyn Hughes, our chairman, explaining the purpose and the route, and pointing out that with an escort of two police officers, we were going to take the legal route!
We proceeded up Lloyd George Avenue on the cycle path. The road is quicker, and easier, but we aimed to use cycling facilities, so we waited about two minutes at each set of the traffic lights, doubling the time for this part of the journey.
We then followed a relatively good cycle path around Callaghan Square, only being held up by a number of traffic lights (two waits to cross each road, as we waited in the central reservation).
We paused at the Central Station, to be reminded that cycles are not allowed on trains in the rush hour, and cycle parking facilites are far from secure (unlike some European cities, which have an integrated transport strategy).
From here the route led along Wood St, where we waited in the middle lane, to be hooted by a car in the outside lane, while busses passed us to turn left from the inner lane.
St Mary St was uneventful, in spite of the absence of cycling facilities (mainly because, riding in convoy, we held up all the traffic behind us)
Likewise, the much feared right turn from Kingsway into Boulevard de Nantes was not the usual death trap, and some of the more experienced riders took the road, while the rest of us pushed our bikes under the pedestrian subway.
We finally reached City hall, safe and sound, some 45 minutes after leaving the council offices, less than two miles away.

All arrived safely

Further details are given in our Press Release

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