Cogan Spur bridge closed to cyclists
CCC is aghast that local councils are banning cyclists from the Cogan Spur bridge for 18 months during construction of a road into the Sports Village development and forcing a detour of a mile or so. (18 months is the maximum time allowed under s15(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Regs Act 1984)

The alternative route is cited as Penarth Road/Clive Street etc. Penarth Road is, however, far more dangerous to cycle on due to rough roads, narrower lanes, drain gullies and higher traffic speeds and is definitely not a good alternative.

We have protested sharply to the Head of Highways at Cardiff council, that this discriminates againsts cyclists, forces a mile detour and runs against 'essential' principle of keeping the road network suitable for cycling. We requested copies of all documents relating to the planned cyclist ban under the Environmental Information Regulations, but could see little evidence of serious consideration given to any alternatives.

To date we have had a lot of support from numerous politicians and the public, but no success in persuading the highway authorities to change their minds. On 1st December we held a protest rally at the Cogan roundabout, and will continue our campaign.

Cyclists gather to protest at the ban

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