"Most likely to succeed." They're the least likely words you'll find below old yearbook photos of ice cream deliveryman Arlo (Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and convenience-store clerk Tim (Skeet Ulrich). But now this loose-fitting duo must succeed at any cost. A dying scientist (David Paymer) has plopped into their hand a bioweapon canister code-named Elvis and told them to speed it to a military base. Buckle up, fellas. The same assassins who dealt the scientist his deathblow will do anything to claim Elvis. And if the canister heats up to its 50-degree activation point, Elvis will claim everyone within hundreds of miles.

Peter Firth
Cuba Gooding Jr.
David Paymer
Skeet Ulrich

From the creator of the mega successful Wallace and Gromit comes the box office smash of the summer, Chicken Run.
Rocky the Rooster and Ginger the Chicken decide it's time to gather all the chickens on their chicken farm and lead the rebellion against the evil farmowners, Mr and Mrs Tweedy. Gasp at the amazing animation as you watch the chickens attempt their great escape!

Mel Gibson
Julia Sawalha
Miranda Richardson
John Sharian
Jo Harvey Allen
Lisa Kay
Laura Strachan
Tony Haygarth
Timothy Spall

When a serial killer Vincent D’Onofrio (The Thirteenth Floor, Men In Black) falls into a coma before his last victim can be found, a child therapist (Lopez) must use an experimental treatment to enter his mind and learn his secrets before it is too late. The visually haunting world threatens her very existence when she becomes trapped by the terror inside.
Now, an FBI agent (Vince Vaughn - Swingers, Jurassic Park: The Lost World) must rescue her from the killer’s nightmare mind before he, too, is lost to the twisted world forever.

Vincent D'Onofrio
Jennifer Lopez
Vince Vaughn
Dylan Baker
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Jake Weber

Coyote Ugly
Moving to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a famous songwriter, Violet Sanford (Perabo) finds herself desperate and broke. Through a twist of fate, the shy, innocent Violet lands a job as one of the barmaids at the hottest nightclub in town -- the down and dirty, wild and fun Coyote Ugly. Pouring drinks and overflowing with attitude, the "Coyotes" spend more time on top of the bar than behind it, tantalizing the standing-room-only crowd with their outrageous antics! It's one wild adventure for a small-town girl chasing her dream in the big city.

Maria Bello
Adam Garcia
John Goodman
Melanie Lynskey
Piper Perabo

Cherry Falls
Cherry Falls is a quiet Virginia town until the night that a serial killer begins attacking high-school kids.
The killer murders only virgins at a high school resulting in local teenagers arranging a party in order that they might lose their virginity and no longer be targets...

Brittany Murphy
Michael Biehn
Gabriel Mann
Jesse Bradford
Jay Mohr
Douglas Spain
Keram Malicki-Sanchez
Natalie Ramsey
Candy Clark
Amanda Anka

Charlie's Angels 
Adventure has never been more beautiful than Charlie's Angels! Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu star as the captivating crime-fighting trio who are masters of disguise, espionage and marital arts. When a devious mastermind embroils them in a plot to destroy individual privacy, the Angels are on the spot with their brains, brawn and high-tech toys. Aided by their loyal sidekick Bosley (Bill Murray), the girls are about to bring down the bad guys when a terrible secret is revealed that makes the Angels a target of assassination. Now, it's a matter of life or death as the stunningly smart detectives use their state-of-the-art skills to kick evil's butt in this sexy, high-octane comedy! 

Drew Barrymore
Cameron Diaz
Lucy Liu
Tim Curry
Crispin Glover
Kelly Lynch
Bill Murray
Sam Rockwell

Cast Away
Tom Hanks "gives one of the towering screen performances of all time" (New York Post) in this inspiring tale about survival of the human spirit. Tom Hanks stars as Chuck Noland, a FedEx systems engineer whose ruled-by-the-clock existence abruptly ends when a harrowing plane crash leaves him isolated on a remote island. As Chuck struggles to meet the basic needs of survival, he discovers that his true personal journey, has only just begun…

Tom Hanks
Helen Hunt
Nick Searcy

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Two master warriors (Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh) are faced with their greatest challenge when the treasured Green Destiny sword is stolen. A young aristocrat (Zhang Ziyi) prepares for an arranged marriage, but soon reveals her superior fighting talents and her deeply romantic past. As each warrior battles for justice, they come face to face with their worst enemy - and the inescapable, enduring power of love.
Set against 19th Century China's breathtaking landscape, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is the action-packed, box office smash from acclaimed director Ang Lee (Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm) featuring stunning martial arts choreography by Yuen Wo Ping (The Matrix).
Both English dubbed and origional Cantonese language with subtitles available.

Chow Yun Fat
Michele Yeoh
Zhang Ziyi
Chang Chen
Cheng Pei Pei
Lung Sihung

Cats & Dogs

They're cunning. They're stealthy. They're waging a top-secret, ultra-high-tech struggle for global domination right under our noses. They're…Cats & Dogs!
Witness this epic "tail" of what happens when an eccentric professor (Jeff Goldblum) makes a discovery that could tip the age-old balance of pet power. Now, an inexperienced young beagle pup named Lou (voiced by Tobey Maguire) is about to begin the ultimate mission im-paws-ible: to save humanity from a total cat-tastrophe! Featuring the voices of Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Jon Lovitz, Charlton Heston and Sean Hayes. 

Jeff Goldblum
Elizabeth Perkins
Alexander Pollock

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Set on the Greek island of Cephalonia in 1940, the film tells the story of the beautiful Pelagia (Penelope Cruz), who lives with her father, Dr. Iannis (John Hurt) and is engaged to local fisherman, Mandras (Christian Bale). When Mandras leaves the island to fight for his country against the approaching German army, Pelagia is left behind to worry and wait for a letter, which never arrives. In the meantime, the Italian army occupies Cephalonia, and Pelagia and Dr. Iannis receive a new visitor into their home. Captain Antonio Corelli (Nicolas Cage), a romantic opera lover with a passion for playing the mandolin, annoys Pelagia with his free-spirited personality, but it is this charm that eventually wins her heart. Soon, the two are head-over-heels in love only for Mandras to return...

Nicolas Cage
Penelope Cruz
Christian Bale
John Hurt
David Morrissey
Irene Pappas

Collateral Damage

Officials investigating a terrorist bombing warn Gordy Brewer not to get involved, but events have already involved him in the most horrible way. His wife and child are among the victims claimed by the blast.
Surging excitement and one-mans heroics fuel the powerful action thriller Collateral Damage. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays that one man. He's Brewer, a Los Angeles fireman who sets out to find the terrorist called El Lobo. Brewer stalks his prey from L.A. to Colombia to Washington D.C. Brewer knows El Lobo will strike there. But how? When? And precisely where? In the scramble for answers, one thing is clear: Collateral Damage is a ticking time bomb of suspense. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Cliff Curtis
Elias Koteas
John Leguizamo
Francesca Neri
John Turturro

Changing Lanes

Modern society draws lines between right and wrong, good and evil, rage and redemption. A moment of self absorption and a spark of anger will cause the two men to cross them. As the battle of wills escalates, both lives are changes forever. Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck star in a provocative and gripping drama that exposes the best and worst in all of us. 

Ben Affleck
Samuel L. Jackson
Toni Collette
William Hurt
Amanda Peet
Sydney Pollack

The Count Of Monte Cristo

Jim Caviezel (High Crimes) and Guy Pearce (The Time Machine) give sizzling performances in The Count Of Monte Cristo - the greatest tale of betrayal, adventure and revenge the world has never known. When the dashing and guileless Edmond Dantes (Caviezel) is betrayed by his best friend (Pearce) and wrongly imprisoned, he becomes consumed by thoughts of vengeance. After a miraculous escape, he transforms himself into the mysterious and wealthy Count of Monte Cristo, insinuates himself into the French Nobility and puts his cunning plan of revenge into action. This swashbuckling thriller will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until the last ounce of revenge is exacted.

Jim Caviezel
Harris, Richard
Guy Pearce
Dagmara Dominczyk
James Frain
Luis Guzman

Cube 2 - Hypercube

Eight strangers wake up in a bizarre cube with no recollection of how they got there and no idea of how to get out. They soon discover that they're in a deadly dimension where the laws of physics don't apply and the must unravel the secrets of the "hypercube" in order to survive. 

Philip Akin
Lindsey Connell
Neil Crone
Geraint Wyn Davies
Matthew Ferguson
Barbara Gordon
Bruce Gray
Greer Kent
Grace Lynn Kung
Kari Matchett


What If You Had The Power To Stop Time? 
When Zak Gibbs (Jesse Bradford) comes into possession of a mysterious device that can literally make time stand still, he's the coolest dude at school. But there are sinister forces who will stop at nothing to get the extraordinary gadget back… at any cost! 

Michael Biehn
Jesse Bradford
Paula Garces
French Stewart
Robin Thomas


At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart both find themselves sharing space on Chicago's famed Murderess Row! They also share Billy Flynn, the town's slickest lawyer with a talent for turning notorious defendants into local legends. But in Chicago, there's only room for one legend! 

Renee Zellweger
Richard Gere
Taye Diggs
Catherine Zeta Jones
Chita Rivera
Christine Baranski
Colm Feore
John C. Reilly
Lucy Liu
Queen Latifah

Catch Me If You Can

Inspired by the extraordinary true story of a brilliant young master of deception and the FBI agent hot on his trail, Catch Me If You Can stars Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio and two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks in one of the year's most acclaimed hits! 
The extraordinary true story of Frank W. Abagnale Jr. who successfully passed himself off as a pilot, a lawyer and a doctor...all before his 21st birthday! 

Leonardo DiCaprio
Martin Sheen
Nathalie Baye
Tom Hanks
Amy Adams
Christopher Walken
James Brolin

The Core

Academy award winner Hillary Swank leads an all star cast in this electrifying journey that puts you in the middle of the most spectacular film adventure. Geophisicist Dr. Josh Keyes has made a terrifying discovery: the Earth's inner core has stopped rotating. Now the planet's electomagnetic field is deteriorating and within months, Earth will be destroyed. One hope exists: to send Keyes and an elite team of scientistis to the center of the Earth to detonate a nuclear device to ractivate the planets core.

Aaron Eckhart
Alfre Woodard
Delroy Lindo
Hilary Swank
Stanley Tucci

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

This is a fictitious story about the secret life of Gong Show host (and creator of The Newlywed Game and The Dating Game) Chuck Barris (Rockwell), including the time he spent as CIA assassin "Sunny Sixkiller", making hits while under the guise of chaperoning the game show contestants who have won vacation prizes. Based on the book "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 

Drew Barrymore
Fred Savage
George Clooney
Julia Roberts
Sam Rockwell