Joe Dirt

David Spade plays Joe, whose search for his family has him hittin' the road and keepin' it real with every lowlife he meets, including a sweet hottie (Brittany Daniel), a janitor (Christopher Walken), and a psychotic cannibal (Brian Thompson) with whom he has a brief interlude.
Through it all, Joe keeps on truckin'à all the way to L.A., where a shock jock DJ (Dennis Miller) targets Joe as the butt of his show. But Joe's plucky spirit encourages listeners to cheer him on and help him find a better family than the one he thought he wanted. Rock on! 

David Spade
Brittany Daniel
Dennis Miller
Christopher Walken

Jurassic Park 3

Adventure runs wild when renowned palentologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil) agrees to accompany a wealthy adventurer (William H. Macy) and his wife (Tea Leoni) on an aerial tour of Isla Sorna, InGen's former breeding ground for prehistoric creatures. But when they're terrifyingly stranded, Dr. Grant discovers that his hosts are not what they seem, and the island's native inhabitants are smarter, faster, fiercer and more brutal than he ever imagined in this heart-stomping thriller.

Michael Jeter
Tea Leoni
William H. Macy
Trevor Morgan
Sam Neill
Alessandro Nivola

Jeepers Creepers

One a desolate country highway, two homeward-bound teens (Gina Philips, Living Out Loud and Justin Long, TV's "Ed") are nearly run off the road by a maniac in a beat-up truck… and later spot him shoving what appears to be a body down a sewer pipe. But when they stop to investigate, they discover that the grisly reality at the bottom of that pipe is far worse than they could have ever suspected… and that they are now the targets of an evil far more unspeakable - and unstoppable - than they could have ever imagined! 

Jonathan Breck
Eileen Brennan
Justin Long
Gina Philips

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, is trying to make contact with an alien civilization. Unbeknownst to him, a satellite he launches (okay, it's the kitchen toaster, but it works!) is picked up by an alien species. In the dark of night the aliens fly their war ships-looking like a fleet of rubber chickens to earth and abduct all the parents in Jimmy's hometown of Retroville. So it's up to Jimmy to create a fleet of space ships from the rides at the town's new amusement park (hey, he's a genius, remember?) and launch them into orbit in a bid to rescue the abducted parents of Retroville. But Jimmy better hurry! Because the aliens are preparing to use the parents as human sacrifices! With his robotic dog, Goddard, and his best friend, Carl by his side, Jimmy and the rest of the kids in Retroville take to the skies on a trip that's sure to be a blast! Featuring the voice talents of Patrick Stewart and Martin Short as the evil King Gobat and his sidekick Ooblar.

Andrea Martin
Debi Derryberry
Martin Short
Megan Cavanagh
Patrick Stewart
Rob Paulsen

Just Visiting

Just Visiting is one very funny fish-out-of-water comedy the whole family will enjoy. It's 12th century France and Count Thibault of Malfete (Jean Reno, Mission: Impossible) finds his beautiful bride-to-be (Christina Applegate, TV's Jesse) done in by malevolent magic. So he and his loyal servant Andre (Christian Clavier, Les Visiteurs) request the help of a local wizard to right the wrong and bring his beloved back. But the wizardry goes awry and the pair is transported to 21st century Chicago where they meet Thibault's descendant Julia (Applegate) and her scheming fiancé. With their timeless values of honor and courage, they wreak havoc as they foil diabolical plots in modern-day Chicago and try to fin d their way back home.

Christina Applegate
Christian Clavier
Jean Reno
Malcolm McDowell
Tara Reid
Matthew Ross
Bridgette Wilson-Sampras

Jackass - The Movie

All the jackasses you love from the MTV series are back performing stunts no one would let them put on television. 
Johnny Knoxville and his insane crew take the concept of the MTV show Jackass - a bunch of guys doing dangerous and disturbing stunts just to see what happens - to the extreme--and this time it's not edited for television.

Johnny Knoxville
Jason "wee man" Acuna
Ryan Dunn
Dave England
Preston Lacy
Bam Margera
Ehren McGhehey
Chris Pontius

Joe Somebody

Funnyman Tim Allen is Joe Scheffer, a mild-mannered single dad who feels overworked and under-appreciated at the office. When one day the company bully knocks him to the ground in front of his daughter, Joe vows to stop being a Nobody and wreak his revenge.
Joe Somebody is a heartwarming romantic comedy that centres on one man’s amusing struggle to straighten out his life and his priorities, to prove himself to his daughter and endear himself to the girl of his dreams.

James Belushi
Julie Bowen
Kelly Lynch
Robert Joy
Tim Allen
Tina Lifford
Greg Germann
James Cada
Hayden Panettiere
Patrick Warburton
Wolfgang Bodison
Ken Marino
Tawnja Zahradka
Ahna Brandvik
John Riedlinger

Johnny English

He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows nothing! 
Bumbling British intelligence officer Johnny English has to step into the breach when all his fellow agents are suddenly bumped off. With the machinations of mysterious millionaire Pascal Sauvage becoming increasingly threatening, it's up to Johnny to save the crown jewels and the very fate of the Royal family!

Rowan Atkinson
Natalie Imbruglia
Ben Miller
John Malkovich
Tim Piggott-Smith
Oliver Ford Davies
Kevin McNally