by Andy Ineson

            First Meeting :-
15/03/98 Cadwell Park full circuit.
This is a track with which I am familiar, as I have done several track days there.
   Started as a race virgin on a standard Kawasaki ZX6R, apart from the race pipe, high flow filter and jet kit.
First race :      15th
Second race : 16th
Third race :     12th
Forth race :     10th
Last race :         9th
    I was really pleased to finish in the top ten in my last race. It was a big eye opener for me, the difference between track days and the racing game.

            Second Meeting :-
23/05/98 Cadwell Park full circuit.
Finished in the top ten every race with a 4th and 5th against a few Supercup riders on much faster bikes. Won a trophy for being the best newcomer.

            Third Meeting :-
12/07/98 Mallory Park
This was a new circuit to me. I was really pleased with my results. Finished in the top six every race, and achieved a 4th and 5th. I found it extremely frustrating to be balked in the corners, then blown away on the straights.

            Forth Meeting :-
25&26/07/98 Croft, Darlington
This circuit is regarded as a power circuit, but I won't with an open mind, and it actually ended up being the best meeting of the season for me. I finished in the top five on the first day with two second place finishes. There was more of the same the next day with the climax of the season with my very first win! 

            Fifth Meeting :-
3&4/10/98 Cadwell Park full circuit
This was my last meeting of the season. I switched to a new bike - a Honda CBR 600 with more power (allegedly). In the morning warm up, the bike felt flat and gutless but was running way too rich, then the rain set in for the weekend. What a wash out !! Only managed one proper race as most of the day was spent trying to get the carboration right. All the races were wet except one, in which I achieved a second place finish. I didn't start trying in the race until two laps from the end. I only really went out to check the carboration and grip. Because I had only just acquired the bike, I had no spare wheels or wet tyres and had been sliding around on dry tyres in the other races.
    On the second day it rained all day long and I didn't see any point in racing with dry tyres and risk ruining a good season.

            Next Year :-
A faster bike with a bit more development and a bit more sponsorship, who knows ?

Doncaster & District Sports & Leisure Chronicle
Feb 99