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Glen Affric - 30th July 2005

This is the stirring account of my attempts to climb the Munros, the 284 Scottish hills whose height equals or exceeds 3000 ft.

All told it took me twenty years to climb them all and the following pages contain as much as I can recall about those trips and as many photos as I can find. Unfortunately I didn't keep a log for the first year or so and for that reason the earlier outings are a bit short on detail - I borrowed some notes from my friend and fellow walker, Andrew, in order to fill in some of the blanks.

For anyone else tackling the Munros my advice would be to take notes and photos as you go, otherwise you'll never remember which Geal Charn is which.

To make up for the sparseness of the early accounts the later trips are covered in more (probably too much) detail and also have a few more pictures. It starts to get a bit more consistent around 2002.

I finally finished my campaign in October 2008 and having lodged that fact with the Scottish Mountaineering Club I can now happily visit their web site and see myself listed there as Munroist #4223. Still, things move on and there's always another trip to go on so maybe a few 'Other Outings' pages will appear on here one day.

I hope so.

Thanks for dropping by and good luck with your own travels.


There were links to maps for all of the trips, courtesy of Multimap, but something changed and the links don't always work any more. If a blank map appears try refreshing it. I'll try to set up a better system some time.

Current total: 284/284

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