Famous for our teas since 1993   


Tour Match vs. Brighton & Hove C.C. 19th July 2003
Back row (left to right); Simon Powley, Clive Astall, Luke Anamourlis, Gavin Robinson, Steve Thompson, Mike Davies, James Archer, David Simpson.
Front row; Matt Dormer, Steve Merrington, Kevin Powley, Alan Wilmore, Karl Sharma, Nick Buchan.

A holiday to Tunisia by one of the team resulted in a draft constitution, and the BSE crisis gave the club it’s official name, ‘Blackheath Select XI’ and also it’s emblem of Ermintrude, the world’s most famous mad cow. The club’s home ground was to be at Hall Place, Bexley, provided courtesy of Bexley council. Membership of the C.C.C. in January 1993 provided the means to find opposition. This initially proved a difficult task with many clubs refusing to play on a council pitch, Hall Place’s reputation clearly went before it.