Home and Dry


In common with all muscle fibres, the fast twitch fibres, which govern explosive action (sprinters, weight lifters, guitarists and heavy drinkers) can be conditioned (trained) to respond on demand...If you have a trainer who can recognise which category you may fall into, sprinter, middle distance, marathon or drunk (equating to a lot, some, or very little FTMF) he or she could work out a programme of training that could take you to the peak of your performance…(Okay, thanks Dave, especially for the guitars et al…)
Alternatively, you could spend a long time living in vans or strange guest houses called "The Haven" where large German ladies snore exorbitantly through the hardboard partition that passes for a wall...Then you could wander around all the towns which resemble all the other towns you ever wandered around and wonder just how diminished a seventh can be. You could arrive, early or late, for a sound check which proved conclusively how diminished a seventh can be, and, eventually, you could try out your FTMFs while the seventeen/eight percussion from the bar or the drunk who'd perfected his FTMFs helped you along in a jolly, quasi-Latin kind of way. In the end, though, you'd want to come home...and when you do it always seems to rain...

  1.  Recado Bossa Nova (Ferreira)
  2.  The Entertainer (Joplin)
  3.  I Cover The Waterfront
  4.  Waiting For The Sunrise (Seitz)
  5.  Chez Jacquet (Reinhardt)
  6.  Besame Mucho
  7.  Broken Date (Phillips)/Golden Earrings (Young/Livingstone)
  8.  Alabama Jubilee
  9.  Petite Fleur
10. Under Paris Skies (Giraud)
11. Summertime (Gershwin)
12. Claire de Lune
13. Troublant Bolero (Reinhardt)
14. La Mer (Trenet)
15. Chattanooga Choo Choo (Warren/Gordon)
                                                           Playing Time:  71 mins 19 secs

Paul Hares
: Guitars, Mandolins, Rioja and T.S.Eliot
Tony Wright: Guitars, Shiraz and John Steinbeck
Nigel Thomson: Bass, Scotch and The Times Crossword

are home and dry...but not for long.

with our thanks to terminally obsessed fellow masochist
Dan "Big Breakfast" Cassidy: Violin (on Besame Mucho)

And to wives, lovers and friends past and present...

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