Someone had asked us, in all innocence, what we did during the day…
"We drive from Penzance to Birmingham," had been the answer…
It could have meant only one of two things.
We were either truckers or musicians!
On this occasion it was Crazy Rhythm doing yet another grueling haul along the M5, from the West Country into the heart of England…Working their way back home, you might say…Although "home" and the Whitby cliffs were still a good way hence…

Enough said…

The journey turned out to be one through time and space, beginning with Django Reinhardt and finishing with Mozart, with a few surprising stopovers en route - much like a whistle-stop tour, zig-zagging the way you never thought it would at the outset…

Eight years on only the pictures have been changed to protect the guilty.

   1. Troublant Bolero (Reinhardt)
   2. Waltz from Masquerade (Khatchaturian)
   3  Aranjuez Mon Amour (Rodrigo)
       Entre Dos Aguas (De Lucia)
   4. From Athens to Budapest / Hungarian Dance No 1 (Hares/Brahms)         
   5. Arańa de la Noche
   6. Invention No 13 in A minor (Bach)
   7. Old Carousel / Troika
   8. Habanera (Bizet)
   9. Cantabile from "Idyllic Spring" (Norge)
10. Dark Eyes / Czardas
11. Clair de Lune (Cosma)
12. Granada (Lara)
13. Limerock Polka
14. Hungarian Dance No 5 (Brahms)
15. Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart)

    68 minutes 43 seconds

Paul Hares, guitar and mandolin
Tony Wright, rhythm guitar
Nigel Thompson, bass

Recorded at IC Studios
Mixed by Colin Potter

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