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Crazy Rhythm have shared the platform (or walked the plank) with artists as widely varied (musically, that is. .but then...who knows?) as saxophone virtuoso Alan Barnes (AB to his friends, who often wonder when the C (natural) will arrive from amidst such a plethora of sharps and flats) and classical supremos The Lindsay String Quartet (is that really a boy's name?)...all of whom probably have a lot to answer for.... but getting a straight answer from anyone these days is nigh on impossible unless one's cheque-book is so heavily-coated with precious metals (Gold? Platinum?)…Hello Mr. Mammon...music is so saleable…? Really? Try us!

However, it is as a trio that CR (
Crazy Rhythm - sounds like a tee-shirt? You can buy one. Just e mail us and ask.) are most well-known...a trio, it has to be said, that seems to carry as many instruments as the London Chamber Orchestra, and has a repertoire to match. The instruments are made by luthier  David Hodson of Loughborough -  guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis… all tuned differently (depending on the night, and sometimes more by luck than judgement), and all adding to the eclectic nature of the music. (That's eclectic as against electric - but...suck it and see…)

Over the years the group have built up a very special relationship with David whose appeal lies not only in his skilled and intuitive craftsmanship, but also in his splendid cuisine!
And the comparison is a valid one, for he builds guitars in same way that he might prepare a fine meal...with great attention to the ingredients and the presentation, and a particular concern for individual tastes and needs…
(Can you believe this…?)

Learn more about the Hodson family of instruments or the plat de jour at:


Paul playing his Hodson Mandola at Chez Dave - did we mention the birds?...in the aviary?

"The music itself is often intense, and the tempos, especially in some of the Eastern European pieces can be hair-raisingly fast, but there is a lot of humour in there too, and while they have never denied their debt to the great Belgian guitarist Django Reinhardt, it would be a case of mistaken identity to think of them as yet another band of Reinhardt clones.
Everything they play is given a distinctive (or is that "disgusting"?) treatment, from Bach to Bluegrass, from Gershwin to Flamenco…
And only a group with a name like Crazy Rhythm would have the audacity to play Rhapsody in Blue on two guitars and a string bass…(Or, indeed, write these liner notes)"

And after the gig, someone always asks: "What sort of strings do you use?"

Ask Malcolm...Who? Try


The Trumpet  Bilston's seminal jazz club, founded by Tommy Burton and Reg Keirlie back in the 50's and still staging jazz 7 nights a week. The walls play host to Reg's wonderful series of sketches of visiting musicians. A place which oozes jazz from the bottom of its very soul. A place made for music and made from music. Alongside the pictures of Bogey and Jazz On A Summer's Day is our favourite pub-poster (shown below), and the atmosphere is second to none. Long blacklisted by the MU for reasons best known to themselves and with a typically blind-eye turned to the problems of its "lesser" contributors - while fortunes were poured into Ronnie Scott's - we hear, now, that sense may prevail...well, come on you union chappies...if you have anything left in the coffers after your latest round of in-fighting then here are three members who, along with many others, would like to see the brass roots of jazz-music uk given the help they so richly deserve.. We love to get back and play at the Trumpet whenever we can. Keep Music Live - does that sound familiar? Then, keep the Trumpet alive...

Clevedon Jazz Club North Somerset's premier jazz venue

The Harbour Arts Centre Irvine, Scotland. 
A friendly and determined  theatre, full of variety. ..even us!

The Ritz Acoustic Club Burnham on Sea.
A feast of acoustic music.

The Fiddle and Bone Birmingham. Music! Music! Music!

"…some six hours later we were sitting in a one-time primary school just off Broad Street, in the middle of Birmingham`s cultural heartland, drinking coffee and listening to Miles Davis while through the window we watched folk walking their dogs along the former towpath of the Worcester to Birmingham canal. It wasn't long before the music had changed…and so had the drinks! Miles had modulated into Steely Dan and the coffee had become…well, something a little stronger! As we settled comfortably into a bottle of house red, sipped to the accompaniment of "Reelin' in the Years", we couldn't help but smile at the thought that during the past three years this ex-schoolroom has become something of a Mecca for musicians and music-lovers alike, from Birmingham and the West Midlands in particular, but, in truth, from much further afield than that…" (Extract from "Stompin' at the F & B")

Wimpole Hall National Trust Jazz Concerts

Stafford Jazz Society 
Sunday lunchtime specials - one of the best!

Bands And Musicians:

Gypsy Jazz Duo

Mike Piggott   
fine English jazz and swing violinist

Dave Moorwood  guitar and banjo, The Rascals of Rhythm, Pete Allen Jazz Band, Simon Banks Trio

Alan Barnes   All the saxophones and clarinet

Krzysztof Wolinski Trio  One of Poland's finest jazz guitarists


Tony Lawrence  organiser of Warners' Jazz Weekends

John Petters' Productions 
Jazz festivals throughout the U.K

Terry Dash Management
Jazz promotions at home and abroad

Pam Cox Promotions 
Bands and musicians for all occasions : e mail


Bude Jazz Festival

The Three Choirs Festival

Stafford Jazz Festival


Electric Mandolin


Jazz Guitar International

Darren Yeadon -
sculptor in stone

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