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According to the 2001 census, the population of Hethersett was 5,441 with 47% male and 53% female.

Hethersett is part of the South Norfolk District Council authority which had a population of 110,710.

Almost one-half of the village population (43.9%) were aged between 30 and 59 with the average age being 41.3, compared with a national age average of 38.6. 

18.6% of Hethersett residents were Under-16 and 9.2% 75 and over. 60% of the population was married, which is over 10% more than the national average. 97.9% of the population was white and 75.5% describe their religion as Christian with 15.2% claiming no religious affiliation.

67.5% of people were employed and 14.2% retired. Only 2.2% were unemployed.

The total number of full time students and school children aged 16 to 74 was 227 and an impressive 21.6% were qualified to degree level or higher.

In 2001, there were 2,321 households of which 26.7% included children. 13.7% of households had no car, but 38.6% had two cars or vans or more. 80.7% of properties were owner occupied, compared with 68.9 nationally. Only 2.2% of households were without central heating and the average number of rooms per household was 5.7.

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