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Internet Sites by or about Hethersett seem to be relatively few and far between, although the village does seem to be catching up. Here are a list of those I could find. If you are reading this and know of any others please e-mail me by clicking here

Hethersett Parish Council: The parish council has its own site as part of a South Norfolk parish network.

Official Hethersett Archive Site: This site lists all the archive material available on the village

Hethersett Millennium Committee's site  This is one of the best sites on Hethersett and features the village at the turn of the millennium.

Hethersett Liberal Democrats: District councillors Fred Watkins and Jacky Sutton have set-up this site to provide information and contact details.

Hethersett High School Three of the four village schools are represented on the net. This is the village high school

Hethersett Middle School A site on the village Church of England Voluntary Controlled Middle School

Hethersett Old Hall School A site for the independent girls school

St Remigius Church The parish church on-line

Hethersett Methodist Church A site with history and news on the village Methodist Church

Hethersett Choral Society News, views and music from the choral society

Hethersett Athletic Football Club The local football team which runs teams at all levels from eight to adult and  for both sexes  

The mysterious Plastic Bag Club. Who are they and what do they do?

Peter Hoult's home pages An all round good bloke's guide to mower repairs cycling and many other things.

The Wyatt Family's home pages Gary and Linda Wyatt's look at the village

Darren Morrow's home site Dr Darren Morrow's home pages

The Steward Family's home pages Anne, Peter, Matt and Chris Steward are featured here

Peter Steward's pages and writings Peter Steward's writings on all manner of topics

Yvonne's School of Dance Yvonne Cutting's school of dance which is located in the village.