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The Fight to Save the Clifton Pool

The Clifton Pool is an historic Grade II* listed building, located in Oakfield Place. It is a late example of a subscription bath built in 1849-1850 on the cusp of a change in legislation which enabled local authorities to provide municipal public baths. English Heritage believe that the pool was almost certainly designed by the architectural firm of Pope, Bindon and Clark. RS Pope was an important local figure responsible for many buildings in Clifton, including Brunel House, Vyvyan Terrace, and Buckingham Place.

This architecturally ambitious building, reflecting Egyptian design influences has fallen into neglect and faces substantial demolition to make way for housing. Local residents are fighting to stop this happening. We want to see the pool restored and put to its original use as a much needed community leisure facility.

[Drawing of the pool facade in Oakfield Place]
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