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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon





For me the greatest event of 2011 was the exhibition of handmade dolls from Canada depicting Inuit and First Nations cultures. All lovingly and expertly made, each with their own story to tell. They were on display at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge (voted runner-up for Museum of the Year!), and no doubt they'll be touring other parts of the world.

The main event this year is, of course, the centenary of the Terra Nova Expedition reaching the South Pole, led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott. It's a great opportunity for us all to revisit the tremendous feats of our British heroes, and to teach our younger generations about their endurance, bravery and not least their contribution to scientific research. There has already been a lot of activity and media attention from around the world and our Events page gives links to several of the organisers.

Continuing the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration theme, Leif Mills has presented us with a fascinating account of the disharmony that can arise when a group of people are forced together for an indeterminate period in harsh conditions. It was during his research for another book that Leif came across the diaries of Eric Marshall, liberally scattered with comments about his uneasy relationship with Sir Ernest Shackleton and others. Very interesting from a psychological viewpoint.

With an abrupt change in direction, we turn again northwards to indulge in some product testing - a first for us! When a large parcel arrived full of interesting bits and pieces about the Cape Dorset community art project, I just had to get the children involved (nephew Freddie, goddaughter Freyja and niece Frida, popularly known respectively as 1, 2 and 3 since I get their names muddled up). We also received two outstandingly wonderful children's books which they kindly reviewed for me, and I hope other children will be encouraged to read them too.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Polar Worlds and we extend a huge 'thank you' to everyone who has so kindly contributed their time and knowledge to our pages. Your support is fundamental to the success of this online magazine and I could not have done it alone. Thanks also to our readers for making it all worthwhile!

Solveig Gardner Servian


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Deb: Geographer, Scientist, Antarctic Explorer

The biography of Frank Debenham. He was one of the youngest members of Scott's last expedition and the founder of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. This is an interesting and entertaining book that anyone connected with the polar world will want to have on their bookshelf. Click on the cover for a full description and how to order.




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