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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon




"It ain't necessarily so": South Georgia Loose Ends (January 2010)
Misapprehensions surrounding Shackleton's legacy put right by Michael Gilkes.

Frank Wild's Polar Medals (January 2010)
Historian and writer Glenn M. Stein studies the Polar medals awarded to this heroic explorer.

An Episode of Legal History (January 2009)
Another amusing tale from Michael Gilkes about life on South Georgia in the 1940s.

Paul Rodhouse: Science and Art (July 2008)
BAS scientist describes how he combines his passion for painting with his work.

An Honest Man (Jan. 2008)
Michael Gilkes, veteran of the South Atlantic, remembers a poignant discovery.

Fur Seals (Jan. 2008)
Leith Harbour in the 1940s: Michael Gilkes' fond memories of the fur seal communities.

The Oates Museum (Jan. 2008)
The museum dedicated to the memory of Captain Oates and its ambitious development plans.

Norway's Forgotten Polar Explorer Rediscovered (Jan. 2008)
Carsten Borchgrevink's legacy and the Antarctic Heritage Trust's campaign to raise awareness of Norway's historic relics.

Captain Francis Crozier (Jan. 2007)
Well-known polar biographer Michael Smith brings us another legendary tale from the golden age of polar exploration.

Antarctic Neighbours (Oct. 2005)
Michael Warr, former BAS meteorologist, recalls his experience of living on Deception Island.

Adélie Penguins - Chinstrap Penguins - King Penguins - Rockhopper and Macaroni Penguins (Ap./July 2005)
Photographs taken by Paul Acke during a visit to South Georgia.

Norwegian Antarctic Research Station Upgraded (Jan. 2005)
Formerly a summer station, Troll will now be in operation year round.

Peers Call on UK Government to Preserve Scott's and Shackleton's Antarctic Huts (Jan. 2005)
An update on the efforts to save our Antarctic heritage.

Sir James Wordie (Oct. 2004)
Michael Smith's research into the life of the Endurance Expedition's scientific officer.

Shackleton's First Sledge Journey (July 2004)
David Yelverton makes an important historical finding in this account of Shackleton, Wilson and Ferrar's journey, part of the Discovery Expedition.

Conservation of Historic Antarctic Huts (April 2004)
A report on the efforts of the Antarctic Heritage Trust to save expedition huts.

Lawless Harmony: Music Inspired by Antarctica (Aug. 2003)
An impressive school project to compose and perform music dedicated to Antarctica.

Arts in Antarctica (Feb. 2003)
A personal review of the stunning DVD Sinfonia Antarctica.

South Georgia on my Mind (Jan. 2003)
David Clammer's visit to the end of the world.

Captain Oates (Dec. 2002)
Michael Smith sheds new light on the life of the 'very gallant gentleman' who perished on the South Pole expedition in 1912.

Surviving the Polar Regions (Nov. 2002)
Experiences of filming in the Antarctic by Natural History New Zealand Ltd.

Tom Crean - Unsung Hero (Nov. 2002)
Michael Smith recognizes Tom Crean's contribution to Antarctic exploration.



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