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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon




Gunner George Porter, RMA: Sledging toward Destiny (July 2010)
Adventure in the Canadian high arctic from historian Glenn M. Stein.

On Thinning Ice (July 2010)
Author Richard Ellis gives us an emotive report on his research into the plight of the magnificent polar bear. One cannot fail to be moved.

The Arctic Fox Centre (July 2010)
Conservation and refurbished exhibition centre in Iceland.

Fire and Ice: Referend George Fisher, RN (January 2010)
Historian and writer Glenn M. Stein looks at the fascinating life of this early explorer.

Polar Bears on the Edge (January 2009)
Jennifer A. Smith shares the thrill of capturing polar bears on film and begs the question, 'Where would the bears go?' one the ice has melted.

Julian Marshall: Drawn to the Arctic (July 2008)
Accomplished artist Julian Marshall gives us an animated account of how the Arctic environment has inspired her over the years.

Joël Tettamanti – Greenland Observed (July 2008)
Outstanding images by acclaimed Swiss photographer.

Nicola Rose: Dramatic Inspiration in Iceland (July 2008)
Nicola describes her passion for dramatic scenery and how she translates it onto canvass.

Clyde Holmes (1940 – 2008): Finnish Connections (July 2008)
Unusual comparisons of Finnish and Welsh lakes.

One Summer at Khabarova (Jan. 2008)
East meets West during the 1890s - and what was an English debutante doing in the Russian Arctic?

Sea Ice Exhibition Centre (Jan. 2008)
Unique new permanent exhibition opens in Iceland.

Siberian Tribe Struggle for Land Rights (Oct. 2005)
A report on the Khanty's fight to retain their traditional lifestyle and how the rest of the world can help by following the lead of Survival International..

Tracing Patterns of the North (Jan. 2005)
Part One: From Byzantium to Bergen. Sigrid Quemby and Gill Speirs follow the introduction of embroidery and textile designs into Nordic culture.

Sverdrup Commemorated on Postage Stamps (Oct. 2004)
Joint issue by Norway, Greenland and Canada to mark the 150th anniversary of the Norwegian polar explorer's birth.

Stamps United (Oct. 2004)
Norse mythology related through the first issue of a new initiative by the Nordic postal services.

The Scandinavia Philatelic Society (Oct. 2004)
A British-based organization open to members worldwide promoting interest in not only Scandinavian stamps, but also those of the Arctic and Antarctic regions and expeditions.

Polar Heritage - Rubbish or Relics? (Oct. 2004)
Ken Catford brings us up to date with information on a recent report by the Polar Heritage Committee of ICOMOS.

Heidi Bradner - Photojournalist (July 2004)
Exclusive interview with award-winning photographer who captures the spirit of the indigenous peoples of the North.

Strange Tails from the North (April 2004)
John Howell encounters Pavlovian Conditioning on his first taste of dog-sledging.

Easter on the Arctic Circle (April 2004)
Birdwatching enthusiast Russell Boyman experiences the Finnish winter climate.

Svalbard Coal - A Hundred Years (Jan. 2004)
Industrial archaeology enthusiast Ken Catford explains how coal mining began in Svalbard.

Demonizing the Wolf (Jan. 2004)
Where does the wolf stand in the world today?

Twelve People Asleep in a Choom! (Jan. 2004)
Nineteenth-century travel in Siberia.

On the Edge (Nov. 2003)
Kathryn McCann gives an overview of environmental issues affecting our precious polar wildlife.

ANWR: To drill or not to drill? (July 2003)
Looking at the issues concerning oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Unitas Fratrum (May 2003)
An unusual account by Cyril Goodyear of how Christianity came to Labrador.

Going to the Dogs (May 2003)
David Clammer experiences dog-sledging Greenland style.

Sea Ice Incidents in Icelandic Waters and their Monitoring (April 2003)
A report from Thor Jakobsson with charts and graphs.

Curse of the Drift Ice (April 2003)
An article from the magazine Icelandic Geographic, also by Thor Jakobsson.

Geysers of Iceland (April 2003)
The amazing power of mother nature.

Travel Alert Alaskan Style (March 2003)
Larry Stratton recalls a harsh lesson about travel expectations in the north!

Warm Feet in the Arctic (March 2003)
The beauty of traditional skin boots.

The Amur Tiger in Siberia (Feb. 2003)
A look at this critically endangered species and the measures being taken to save it.

Capturing and handling beluga whales in the Canadian Arctic (Jan. 2003)
Report from Jack Orr, marine mammal management technician.

Svalbard's Dilemma (Dec. 2002)
Simon Roper describes the peace and beauty of Svalbard.

Svalbard: First encounter - and last? (Dec. 2002)
Travel writer Andrew Stevenson's experience of Svalbard.

Down North in the Sixties (Nov. 2002)
Chris Rolton recalls life in Labrador in the 1960s.



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