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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon



* All images on this web page are 'Untitled' from Joël Tettamanti's 'Qaqortoq, Greenland, 2004' studies *

Swiss photographer Joël Tettamanti is a frequent traveller and an eclectic observer. He sees what others only become aware of once his images appear in magazines or art galleries; he has an eye for the rare and an understanding for the insignificant.



In 2004 he created a series of photographs of Qaqortoq in southern Greenland, one of the remotest towns in the world. It can only be reached by boat or helicopter during the winter, and the 3,000 inhabitants (the population on Greenland is only around 57,000) rely on supplies shipped in weekly from Denmark.



Tettamanti’s skills allow him to convey parameters such as emptiness, width, longing. His photographic studies are quite extraordinary, provocative as opposed to decorative. He urges the viewer to consider important issues - urbanisation, globalisation, the environment, consumerism and tourism – that affect us all, wherever we live.



© Joël Tettamanti 2008. All these images appear as part of his book Local Studies, published in association with the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg, with text in English, French and German available from Etc Publications. Joël has exhibited extensively throughout the world, most recently at the São Paulo Architecture Biennale as part of the Arch/Scapes Exhibition and in Venezia at the Somewhen collective show. To purchase prints of Joël’s work, contact him direct at Tel: +41 78 606 58 28 or E-mail: More of his work may be viewed at his own website.






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