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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon




The Norwegian Polar Institute is very active in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. Norway's connections with the Arctic are obvious: the northern part of the country lies well within the Arctic Circle, and Norway has sovereignty over the Svalbard archipelago and the small island of Jan Mayen.

Norway also has territorial claims in Antarctica, namely Queen Maud Land, Buovetøya and Peter I Island, and is a signatory of the Antarctic Treaty (1959).

In Svalbard the Sverdrup Research Station operates a variety of research programmes in addition to regularly measuring radiation, air pollution, ozone and seismic activity. Support is also offered to the international research community.

In Antarctica the Institute is responsible for the Troll and Tor field stations and also operates the research vessel Lance.

The Institute publishes the scientific journal Polar Research twice a year, with articles generally in English. The annual subscription is 500 kroner.

There is no subsidiary organization for the general polar enthusiast to join, but the Institute's excellent new website is regularly updated and most pages are available in English.

Norwegian Polar Institute
9296 Tromsø
Tel: (+47) 77 75 06 36
Fax: (+47) 77 75 05 01



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