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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon




Viewed from Above (July 2010)
Poetry inspired by Colonel Ronnie J. Smith as he flew across the polar environment on US Air Force missions.

Julian Marshall: Drawn to the Arctic (July 2008)
Accomplished artist Julian Marshall gives us an animated account of how the Arctic environment has inspired her over the years.

Joël Tettamanti – Greenland Observed (July 2008)
Outstanding images by acclaimed Swiss photographer.

Nicola Rose: Dramatic Inspiration in Iceland (July 2008)
Nicola describes her passion for dramatic scenery and how she translates it onto canvass.

Clyde Holmes (1940 – 2008): Finnish Connections (July 2008)
Unusual comparisons of Finnish and Welsh lakes.

Paul Rodhouse: Science and Art (July 2008)
BAS scientist explains how he goes about producing his evocative oil paintings of Antarctica. (July 2008)

Tracing Patterns of the North (Jan. 2005)
Part One: From Byzantium to Bergen. Sigrid Quemby and Gill Speirs follow the introduction of embroidery and textile designs into Nordic culture.

Heidi Bradner - Photojournalist (July 2004)
Exclusive interview with award-winning photographer who captures the spirit of the indigenous peoples of the North.

Lawless Harmony: Music Inspired by Antarctica (Aug. 2003)
An impressive school project to compose and perform music dedicated to Antarctica.

Arts in Antarctica (Feb. 2003)
A personal review of the stunning DVD Sinfonia Antarctica.



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