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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon




Storm: The Awesome Power of Weather

by Mike Graf
ISBN: 978 1 84877 186 4, £12.99 in the UK
ISBN: 978-1609960773, $18.95 in the US



Part of Templar’s impressive ‘Infinity’ series, which uses state-of-the-art illustrations and multi-view pages to draw the reader in. Features polar icecaps and polar winds. A hardback book including a CD. Hear what a young reader has to say:

I like the first page because it says Asia and my first topic was Asia at school. If you flick the pages three times the page is no longer one page, it is three pages and the three pages are fascinating. They are fascinating because I haven’t seen a book like this before with three pages telling me all about storms.

I like the book because it is all about storms. There is one page that opens up into a big tornado. It is amazing because it is really big and I like the picture. And it’s got sea storms, sand storms and firestorms and at the end it has got a story.

Reviewed by Frida, age 6


Polar Worlds

by Rosalyn Wade
ISBN: 978 1 84011 741 7, £9.99 in the UK
ISBN: 978-1442432758, $16.99 in the US



Part of the spectacular ‘Insiders’ series, which uses state-of-the-art 3D illustrations that seem to rise before you with every turn of the page, to bring factual subjects to life, stimulating minds and imaginations. Packed with facts, presented in an easy-to-read text, fact panels, labels, captions and diagrams - no details are left unexplained, no rock unturned. Using the glossary and index, this book is perfect for research and discovery as well as being a fascinating read from cover to cover. Hear what a reader has to say:

Polar Worlds is a book that tells you about both the Arctic and the Antarctic. It tells you about animals, their prey and predators, their disguises and habitats. It informs you about the weather and temperature there. You’ll find out about the inside of animals and facts you’ve always wanted to know such as how a puffin carries so many fish in its beak, who lead the first team of men to reach the North Pole, how to build an igloo and how a macaroni penguin feeds it’s chicks.

The book will make you realise how cold and amazing both Antarctica and the Arctic are. It includes polar bear facts, penguin facts, and colossal squid facts and lots lots more. The illustrations included in this amazing book are some of the most mind-boggling pictures I have ever seen.

The book also includes facts about humans living there too, which could be useful if you grow up to be a polar explorer. This colossal book will help you understand the conditions in both these landscapes.

Reviewed by Freddie, age 9½


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