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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon




In 2006 a new Sea Ice Exhibition Centre was opened in Blönduós, Iceland. Author of text displayed was Dr Thor Edward Jakobsson, sea ice specialist and meteorologist in Reykjavik.

The beautifully presented display is housed in the oldest wooden building in Iceland, known as Hillebrandt’s House, which itself has a long and interesting history. The exhibition comprises posters, photographs and artifacts relating to the Arctic. Subjects covered range from explaining what sea ice actually is, weather aspects, East Greenland and the king of the Arctic, the polar bear.

Blönduós was chosen as the most appropriate location because it sits on the edge of Huna Bay in the north-west of Iceland where sea ice is most commonly found. This resourceful island population has often in the past had to adapt to the difficulties of blocked sailing routes and restricted access to fishing areas for several months of the year.

Open 11.00-16.00 daily during the summer, closed in winter

Hafíssetrið – Sea Ice Exhibition Centre
Blöndubyggð 2
540 Blönduós
Tel: (+345) 452 4848




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