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'Don't go looking for Antarctica without this book.' - Susan Solomon



The Scandinavia Philatelic Society was formed during the Autumn of 1952 as the Scandinavian Collector's Group, its objective being to encourage and assist collectors of the stamps and postal history of the Scandinavian countries and to promote Scandinavian philately by holding meetings and providing a forum for collectors. The name may have changed but the aims of the Society remain the same.

The Society extends a welcome to all - from beginners to advanced philatelists. Members' interests cover a very wide range of topics: not just the main Scandinavian countries, but also the Arctic and Antarctic regions and expeditions, former colonies such as the Danish West Indies, ship and railway travelling post offices (TPOs), air mail, wartime mail and censorship from both World Wars, booklets and many other topics too numerous to mention.

The Society has about 440 members in total, with about 360 in the UK, 35 in the USA and Canada, 25 in the various Scandinavian countries and just over 20 in various other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and several European lands.


Meetings take place on Saturdays, three or four times a year in London and two or three provincial meetings to cater for members resident in other parts of the UK. A variety of topics are chosen for the meetings and there is always ample time for discussion and exchange of stamps and information. The atmosphere is very informal and visitors are always made welcome.

Members receive the Society magazine Scandinavian Contact, which is issued four times a year: March, June, September and December, containing articles on Scandinavian philately, with reviews of current research and information on Society activities. Anyone joining part-way through a year will be sent back numbers for that year in their Joining Pack.

Annual Programme
The Annual Programme is sent out with the June issue of Scandinavian Contact and includes details of the Annual Weekend Meeting, which is held in the spring of each year at hotels in different parts of the country. At these annual meetings members are invited to give short informal displays, meet in specialized interest groups and to renew friendships. A brief AGM and Presentation of Accounts is held during the same weekend.

Most years the Society organizes a visit to a stamp exhibition in one of the Scandinavian countries - either an 'International' if one is being held, or a 'Nordia' which each country holds in turn. The 2005 group visit will be to the Mare Balticum Exhibition in Mariehamn, the capital of the Åland Islands.

Sales Packet
A Sales Packet circulates, though unfortunately this is restricted to members living within the UK due to insurance provisions. Details of the Packet will be given on enrolment. Overseas members are invited to send material for sale through the Packet.

Society Auction
A Society Auction, run by members in Aberdeen - the North East Vikings - is held three times a year; it is open to all members. The auction catalogue is sent out with the magazine Scandinavian Contact (except with the June issue, as too many members tend to be on holiday at that time) and covers all the Scandinavian countries. It usually has between 900 and 1000 lots.

The Society has its own Library, containing a large selection of books, catalogues and journals on Scandinavian philately available on monthly loans via the post.

Club Tie
A Society tie is also available for members.

Membership is invited worldwide. There is a once-only enrolment fee of £5.00 and, to comply with the terms of insurance on the Packet and the Library, names of two referees are required on the application form. The annual subscription is due for payment on 1st January each year and is currently £10.00.

Payment may be made either with a sterling cheque or the equivalent in US dollar bills or euro banknotes; we can also accept payment over the Internet via PayPal.

For an application form or any further information please contact the Hon. Secretary, Roger Partridge, 6 Rydens Court, 43 Adelaide Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4TG, England. Tel: +44 (0)20 8390 2907 E-mail: Website:



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