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NEW YORK - 2nd to 6th April 2001

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A mixture of 1st and 2nd year travel and tourism students decided to
have a go at conquering NYC.
We all met at Heathrow airport exited to be going to the Big Apple at last.
After an uneventful flight we all arrived without any mishaps



After a long subway ride to check into the hotel we all headed of to the Empire State Building.


When we arrived at the top, 86 floors up, we were all in awe of seeing New York below us all lit up.



The views were stunning, but it was windy and very cold.

Below - Some views of New York from the top of the Empire State Building

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(Above PWRef A3)
(Above PWRef A5)

Central Park was just two minutes from the Hostel, but armed with "Metro Cards" we took the subway to Strawberry Fields for a look at the John Lennon "memorial".

Right - Posing on a rock in Central Park  

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(Below PWRef A7)

Hey, That's cool, the ice rink is still open

(PWRef A8)

Let's have a closer look at those skaters. - A good time on the ice with not many wet bottoms.

(PWRef A8)

Some of us chose to just watch and relax in the sun

(ERRef Pk)

The foyer (& loos) at the Plaza Hotel were impressive Did anyone get a picture? - Yes? - Click the email link (top left) for instructions on how to send me one.
FAO Schwartz Toy shop.


FAO Schwartz Toy shop.

(TMocRef FAOS)



Manhattan Mall where we had lunch before going on to Macys


(PWRef A9)


And then on to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn waterfront. Manhattan in the background

(PWRef A11)


Passing some of the older buildings in Brooklyn

(PWRef A12)


An awe inspiring walk across Brooklyn Bridge


We ended the day at The Harley Café, which for a least one member of the group was the highlight of the trip!

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Happy Birthday Charlie

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A Late-night subway trip back to base    (Below PWRef A22)

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