Memories 2 - Mavis Wilson

In 1981 Mavis Wilson wrote about her home village of Pentney in the Local Paper.  In the article she spoke about her Great Granddad, Charles Raspberry,  a local Methodist Preacher, who kept a shop in the front room of his house. Her grandfather, father and brother carried on with this shop. The Raspberry  name appears in the Parish records in 1895, when Beatrice Mary, the daughter of Charles, was married.
Mavis 's own family name was Morton, which goes back in Pentney right to 1737, when Catherine, the daughter of
Christopher Morton and his wife, Anne, was baptised.
The article also tells us that the village was once only accessible by water.  Mavis could recall seeing lighters travelling along the River Nar to the Bone Mill and still remembered there being a Toll Bridge. She mentioned the handsome Railway Station, closed by then, and was sad to say that there was no longer a shop there, though a Post Office still survived in 1981.

How the Station changed, from being a trim, well kept, amenity in 1920, to a forlorn, forgotten relic in 1996, when I took this photograph.

Mavis also told how the sign, depicting the Abbey and a lighter, was presented to the village by Mr L.C. Curson, in Jubilee Year.
By  1981, jobs were provided locally by "an asphalt plant, a sand and gravel firm, a turkey farm and an attractive caravan park."


Rita Sheridan, Warwickshire,  England