Pentney on the Map

On this page, you will find maps, showing

  1. England
  2. Norfolk
  3. The area around Swaffham
  4. Sketch map of Pentney and Narborough

A Rich and Varied History

These pages will tell the long story of man's dwelling in this part of Norfolk.

  1. Early History
  2. The Church
  3. Pentney in the Domesday Book
  4. The Abbey
  5. Parish Registers
  6. Read about the Pentney Hoard
  7. The Nineteenth Century
  8. The Census
  9. The King of the Norfolk Poachers

Memories of Pentney

This part of the site is for you to tell your own stories

  1. Maud Winkfield remembers her visits to Pentney in the early 1900's
  1. Mavis Wilson
  2. Have you memories of Pentney to Share?

Pentney 2001

  1. Changes in the Village
  2. Finding Pentney on the Net

My Family in Pentney

  1. An Overview
  2. William Winkfield
  3. The first Robert Winkfield in New Zealand
  4. Firth and Peek
  5. Firth and Chapman
  6. Hudson
  7. The Second Robert Winkfield - the Soldier
  8. Mary O'Sullivan (Callow)'s Story

Various Web-sites with interesting facts about the local area, and about Norfolk, past and present.

Also, Acknowledgements for help received


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