The Census


Although the first Census was taken in 1801 and thereafter, every 10 years since, except for the War years, the 1841 Census is the first for which any detailed information is still available. In that census the birth county, rather than individual place was recorded.   The ages were rounded off to the nearest 5 years.
From 1851 the ages were recorded as given, and also the birthplace -  not always accurately, it must be said!
You can look at the Census Returns for Pentney by going to the Record Office in Norwich, which has copies for 1841 to 1891.  It is also available at some larger libraries.

The 1851 Census has been indexed and a tri-county CD can be obtained containing Norfolk, Devon and Warwickshire.

The 1881 Census is also available on CD, as part of a set covering the whole of England Wales and Scotland.

As the information given is confidential, it cannot be accessed until one hundred years later. Thus, in 2002 we shall be able to look at the details given in the 1901 Census.

Pentney in the Early Years of the Census
Pentney in 1851
Pentney in 1881

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